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“Slime In A Bag” | Super Easy, No-Mess Instructions – 10 Minute ESL Crafts for English Class

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Students will love making this super easy, no-mess “Slime in a Bag!”  (Teachers and parents will love the “no-mess” part!)

Make super easy “slime in a bag” in classroom for the ultimate English science experiment!

Super easy Slime in a bag instructions

Hey English teachers! Are you looking for something fun and different to do in your ESL classes or at an upcoming Halloween event?  If so, check out these step by step instructions for a cool, hands-on Halloween ESL science activity making some super easy “slime in a bag” that’s stretchy, gooey, and totally gross, but so fun to play with.

Slime in a bag is super easy to make, and your ESL students will love using their sense of touch along with some English words to describe the unique, slimy texture.  Here, we have ingredients and instructions for basic slime in a bag.  You can double the ingredients to make bigger batches, but we recommend experimenting with smaller batches at first.  Be sure to make some yourself before doing it in the classroom because there all slight differences in the texture and stickiness depending on the type of glue you use.  Here’s what you need for a batch of super easy slime in a bag.

Super easy Slime in a bag ingredients borax glue

Ingredients for Easy Slime Recipe

  • 1 Ziploc (re-sealable) bag

  • ¼ teaspoon (1-2 g) sodium borate powder (aka Borax) + 3 tablespoons (45ml) warm water

  • 2 tablespoons (30 ml) clear PVA glue (like Elmer’s Clear Glue)

  • 2 tablespoons (30ml) warm water

  • 1 – 2 drops of food coloring (powder is ok too!)

Step 1

In a bowl or pitcher, make a sodium borate solution by thoroughly mixing the sodium borate and warm water until the borax is dissolved. It’s best to make a big batch of this for all your students at once. So if you have 10 students, make 10 times the amount in the recipe.

mix borax and water

Step 2

Give each student their own plastic bag and pour in the glue, water, and food coloring. (Green is great for Halloween, but use whatever colors you like. Add glitter if you want glittery slime.) Make sure the bag is sealed and let the students mix these ingredients.

Step 3

Next, poor 45ml of the sodium borate solution into each student’s bag. Seal the bag and mix, squeeze, and squish away! The liquid will slowly thicken into slime. After the slime starts to separate from the inside of the bag, students can take the slime out of the bag and start playing with it.

mix the slime in a bag

Additional Notes

Depending on the PVA glue that you get, you might need to use a little more or a little less sodium borate powder depending on the consistency. Feel free to experiment and find the perfect amount. Here in Japan, we’ve had excellent results with the above recipe using clear “Liquid Glue” from the local Daiso 100 yen shop.

Of course, don’t forget to teach your kids some fun English words to go along with their tactile slime experience, like “stretch,” “squish,” “gross,” “gooey,” “slimy,” and more while you have fun playing with your new slime. You can even mix different color of slime together to get a tie-dye effect and make new slimy art creations.

After finished playing with the slime, be sure to store your slime in the plastic bag so it doesn’t dry out and harden.  It should last for at least a couple of weeks.

Easy Slime Recipe Final Thoughts

This 10-minute ESL craft recipe for super easy slime in a bag is perfect for Halloween, but you can easily change the color (or just leave it clear) and add various small plastic toys or different colors and sizes of glitter to make it into a Valentine’s Day, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, or Independence Day slime for year-round fun during every season.  The possibilities are endless!

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