Make your next class frightfully fun with our free Halloween flashcards, quiz and songs!

Halloween is coming!

It’s October! It’s the middle of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and now is the time of year when many teachers start thinking about their upcoming classes for the holidays.

Halloween is one of the most popular festivals in the world, and kids can’t get enough of scary monsters, fun costumes and of course, all of the candy! English teachers and school owners often have special lessons or events to excite the current students and put on a show for new potential students.

But what about Halloween lessons?

Preparing a fun Halloween class or school party is fun, but as teachers we know it can be hard to come up with ideas, or that you may not enough time to prepare the materials you need for the lesson. That’s why we would like to introduce you to our Halloween flashcards, worksheets and songs that can take the stress out of your next class and make it a hit!

Start with a Happy Halloween Theme Song

Setting the mood with a Halloween song will let students know that it’s time for a spooky and fun class! Many teachers use songs in class, but there aren’t always easy-to-use Halloween songs on most CD compilations. That’s why we’ve put together a song and video for “Happy Halloween”. Give it a listen!

Use fun flashcards to engage students visually

free Halloween flashcards

It’s no secret to teachers that most students benefit from a visual dimension during presentations, but many free Halloween flashcard packs we have found online have poor quality clip-art illustrations that lack a sense of fun. Our Halloween 1 Flashcard Pack has fun, clean illustrations and common vocabulary.

Add a fun challenge with a Halloween quiz

For older or more confident students, a quiz can be a great way to make sure your Halloween lessons don’t go unused as an opportunity for students to review many basic English skills. In our new Halloween quiz, students can review the vocabulary for Halloween. Additionally, it gives them a chance to check their reading comprehension and their use of interrogative words.

free Halloween quiz

Use songs that introduce useful language

We’re sure you love to get down to “Thriller” as much as the next person, but classes have limited time, so how can we use our time with songs wisely? A song that gives students a chance to practice important language will keep students and parents happy that yes, their time is being well-spent in class.

We have a fun song – “How Many Witches?” which has opportunities to practice both cardinal numbers and prepositions of place. The video is great fun AND we have flashcards too!

And who can forget the big one… CANDY!

halloween candy

Oh, it’s almost too obvious isn’t it? But candy can be your valuable tool in a Halloween class. Besides using it as an engaging treat at the end of the class, you can use candy to keep things under control. A student is running wild like Frankenstein’s monster? Well, how about giving candy to all of the other kids and letting them know that there will be no candy until they sit down? Or what about if the whole class is like a herd of wild zombies? You could write the students names on the board and give them five tally marks, one for each piece of candy. Good behavior results in more tally marks added, bad behavior results in them being subtracted.