7 Free Interactive Christmas Games and Activities for Teaching Online Lessons

free interactive christmas games and activities

These are just the Christmas games and activities you need for your online classes and events!

Christmas is a great topic for teachers all over the world, but due to unfortunate conditions, many people must teach Christmas lessons online using Zoom, Skype, or other teleteaching software. That means having fun, interactive Christmas games and activities is more important than ever. This list of 7 Free Interactive Christmas Games and Activities is perfect for any kind of lesson, online or in the classroom, as well Christmas parties and events!
Many of our interactive Christmas games and activities are based on our super-popular series of interactive PDF resources such as ChompMan, Spot the Difference, and Easy PDF Games for Kids. Teacher all over the world have joined our Monthly Resources Download Club and use these resources in lessons because their simple and effective. The PDFs can be downloaded to any computer or mobile device and used with ease. They’re even great for regular classrooms equipped with technology such as projectors or interactive whiteboards. Read more about using interactive PDFs in online lessons here.

7 Free Interactive Christmas Games and Activities

The list below is a collection of 7 Free interactive Christmas games and activities suitable for students of a variety of ages. Best of all, you can download all of them for free! After you’ve tried out the games and activities in the list below, be sure to head over to our resource library with hundreds of other interactive PDF games and resources. Members of the Monthly Resources Download Club get unlimited download access to all our past interactive PDF activities, plus over 30 new resources each month.

1. Christmas ChompMan

Watch out because Ari the Alligator is back in this super popular, hangman-alternative game, ChompMAN. There are 2 Christmas vocabulary sets which students never get tired of playing. For larger classes, play ChompMAN on hard mode with teams to see which team gets CHOMPED first.

2. Easy Christmas PDF Games for Kids

Everyone knows that chickens hatch from eggs, but have you ever seen an elf, a snowman, or Santa hatch from an egg? Well, now you can when you play this super simple, yet super fun Easy PDF Kids Game. To play, ask the students which egg will hatch first. Then simply go through the slide show and see which egg hatches. It’s a great game, especially for younger kids.

3. Interactive Christmas Count and Touch Games

Our Count and Touch PDF Games are great for practicing counting while learning new vocabulary. We’ve even created a new math-focused count and touch which is even better for teaching math and English together. Put it all on a Christmas backdrop and you have a winning combination for an exciting interactive Christmas game.

4. Editable Interactive Christmas Flashcards

Our interactive Christmas flashcards are just like the printable flashcards, except that you can write in the words and example sentences during the lesson. This creates an interactive experience that helps keep students focused on the lesson. Want to use a different spelling, different word, or all uppercase letters? No problem! You have 100% control of the text. Check out our entire library of Interactive PDF flashcards here.

5. Christmas Spot the Difference Games

For younger learners, our interactive Spot the Differences Games are the ultimate free interactive Christmas games. There are two versions in this series, and kids get excited to try to spot the differences between the two Christmas-themed pictures full of Christmas vocabulary such as presents, Santa, candy canes, cookies, snowman, reindeer, Christmas tree, toys, star and more! After you spot each difference, touch the screen and mark the differences for points.

6. Interactive PDF Christmas Quizzes

Students love quizzes, especially True or False quizzes, so why not challenge them to improve their reading skills as they take these interactive PDF quizzes. We also have Standard Quizzes with easy questions for your students to answer. There are 4 quizzes in total, and they are easy enough for beginners to practice reading while enjoying quizzes about Christmas.

7. Easy Online Christmas Quiz

easy online christmas quiz sample

Try our Easy Online Christmas Quiz in your next online lesson, event, or party. It has 10 easy questions that will test your students’ knowledge of Christmas.

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Get ready for an all new kind of winter and holiday craft with our 4 Free Custom Photo Snow Globe Templates! Just download the PDFs, cut, color, decorate, and then slide them into our Snow Globes for a complete mess-free, easy, craft which doubles as an awesome gift!

snow globe template thumbs

Need printable Christmas worksheets, flashcards, or a fun poster?

christmas flashcards and printables
Whether you use one or all of the free interactive Christmas games above, you’re sure to have a great time with students learning about Christmas. You can also check out our 4 sets of printable Christmas flashcards, our fun printable Christmas worksheetsa fun Christmas posterand more!

We also have some great Christmas games and craft ideas!

christmas present targets

Make a simple plastic bottle shooter and blast Christmas presents!

Our Christmas Present Blaster Game is incredibly easy and super fun! We also have a cute 3D Reindeer Christmas Card that’s always a hit with kids.
3d reindeer christmas cards

How to make a 3D Reindeer card!

Whether you’re teaching online lessons, holding a Christmas party, or just looking for something fun to do at home, we hope these 7 interactive Christmas games and activities, as well as our printable worksheets and crafts make your holidays a little merrier.