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Find everything you need to prepare fun and engaging EFL/ESL lesson plans for your classroom and online lessons. The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum is a 10-year program that has over 400 EFL/ESL lesson plans providing years of high-quality English education for kids. Join over 40,000 teachers, schools, and institutions around the world using BINGOBONGO Learning’s ESL coursebooks, free flashcards, card games, interactive games, online teaching tools, and more!

bingobongo learning esl lesson plans
bingobongo learning esl lesson plans

ESL lesson plans ready in minutes!

If you’re tired of making ESL lesson plasn day after day, week in and week out, then you’ll be happy to hear that our lesson plans are based on effective worksheets that kids love combined with free flashcards, interactive games, and other incredibly popular activities. Start using the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum with students as young as three years old, and you’ll never think about what EFL/ESL games and resources to use in classes again.

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Prepare an exciting ESL lesson plan in three simple steps


Select a worksheet

There are over 1,500 fun, colorful worksheets which are organized in a 10-level course with 40 lessons per level. After you choose a worksheet, simply download and print it, or use it in the online teaching platform, the ABC FUN!box.


Select extra resources

When you select a worksheet in the ABC FUN!box, a menu will appear with several recommended resources. You can download and print single-sided flashcards, double-sided flashcards, BINGO game cards, word search puzzles, and many other printable resources. You can also play or download songs, chants, and fun videos made just for the worksheet.


Make a QR/Link List

After you select your worksheet and resources, use the MyQR/MyLINK builder to quickly make a list of QR codes or links to any resource in the ABC FUN!box. It’s the perfect tool to make ESL lesson plans, as well as interactive homework assignments!

ABC FUNbox online teaching platform

Do it all in the ABC FUN!box

You can use the ABC FUN!box to make ESL lesson plans in seconds and teach exciting interactive lessons online. There are over 10,000 resources in the ABC FUN!box including lesson plans, worksheets, curriculum cards, printable and interactive flashcards, online games, songs, chant videos, and more. Best of all, the ABC FUN!box is a website, so there’s nothing to download, install, or update!

Sign up for a Teacher Basic, Teacher Plus, or Institution membership plan and get unlimited downloads anywhere on the site, including in the ABC FUN!box. In addition, the Teacher Plus and Institution membership plans get unlimited access to all interactive games and resources.

Awesome ESL resources you can depend on!

BINGOBONGO Learning’s resources are created by a passionate team of professional educators with years of experience making ESL lesson plans. More importantly, these resources are used and loved by hundreds of thousands of students around the globe every year. Take a look at some of the unique resources below that are perfect for creating perfect EFL/ESL lesson plans every time!




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The BINGONBONGO Curriculum has five colorful and effective ESL coursebooks, called FUN!books, that kids love. Every page has a QR code to a student menu with songs, interactive flashcards, chants, and games. FUN!books are a huge time-saver and recommended for any busy teacher.

*Currently, FUN!books can only be shipped within Japan. All the worksheets are available in the ABC FUN!box, however.

Battle Eggs

EFL/ESL Collectible Card Game

Battle Eggs EFL ESL Card Game

Battle Eggs is a collectible card game and perfect for teaching English to young kids. Student collect Pet Cards with profiles that have attack points, weather, shapes, colors, animals, birthdays, hobbies, and favorite foods/drinks. There are also multiple levels of battle decks with vocabulary cards that teach phonics, reading, and more.


Talking Posters

Laminated talking posters ESL

Use any smartphone, tablet, or other camera-enabled device with an internet connection to hear the vocabulary on these cute, colorful posters. They’re big, laminated, and durable, which makes them perfect for hands-on warmup and lesson activities.


10-year ESL Curriculum for the Classroom or Online

ABC Funbox interactive online teaching tools

The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum is a 10-level program that’s easy to teach and always exciting for students. It’s available in book form (FUN!books) or as downloadable files. All the worksheets, flashcards, and other interactive resources for each level can also be accessed and downloaded in the ABC FUN!box which was specifically developed to give teachers a fast and simple way to prepare lessons and teach them in any online platform.

Incredibly fun crafts and activities for ESL lessons and events!

Mix up your ESL lesson plans with exciting crafts, games, and activities such as A.S.K. Profile Cards, Sticktionary Cards, holiday crafts, and more!

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Valuable articles for language school owners

The BINGOBONGO Blog has several useful articles about starting and managing a successful language school. Check it out and pick up some helpful tips on marketing, lesson planning, setting up an evaluation program, and other great topics.

What do people say about BINGONBONGO Learning?

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I LOVE this new ABC FUN!box. I’ve only played around with it a little bit so far, but this is exactly the kind of thing I wanted for my classes. I have an interactive touch screen, so we can play the Interactive games in class, as well as me being able to teach the vocabulary with every student easily being able to see and read. Great idea!

~Brooke (School Owner)

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I’ve been using your books and curriculum for almost a year now, and I must say the improvement my students have made over the last 10-11 months has been noticeably better than previous progress. The books have been great. The orange book is suited for the preschoolers perfectly. In the higher-level FUN!books, the mix of reading, writing, word-searches, phonics, is great. I use the ASK Profile Cards in the warmup, and I sometimes play games in the ABC FUN!box at the end of classes. Students really enjoy the homework and the videos. The videos are great, and the songs are very catchy.

~Ross (School owner)

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I’ve been trying it out since I signed up last week. Bravo 👏 👏! Bloody amazing 🤩! Works really well on my touch screen 📺!

~Jeff (School owner/online teacher)