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BINGOBONGO Learning has 1000’s of pages of free flashcards, ESL worksheets, interactive games, English lesson plans, and more!

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher looking for free flashcards, EFL/ESL worksheets, interactive games, or complete lesson plans,  leave the lesson planning to BINGOBONGO Learning! We have 1000’s of pages of fun and effective resources that students love! Not only do our high-quality printable resources and online teaching tools save you time and money, but they’re incredibly effective. That explains why teachers, schools, and organizations all over the world including 40K Plus, Colours in Action, and Anglia Education use BINGOBONGO Learning.

We’re certain there’s something for you in our massive collection of free printables (flashcards/worksheets), online teaching resources (interactive games, editable flashcards, etc.), online games (ABC Chomp!/ABC EGGSplorers), ESL/EFL card games (Battle EGGS), EFL/ESL workbooks (FUN!Books), downloadable English curriculum, and all new content added every month!

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Play Battle Eggs today. It’s the ultimate EFL/ESL Card Game!

Parents and teachers can’t believe their eyes when they see how fun and effective this super-popular new EFL/EFL Card Game is. The more kids play Battle Eggs, the more they learn about colors, numbers, math, spelling, phonics, reading, writing, months, days of the week, emotions, weather, hobbies, food, and more!

Just try it for 5 minutes and you’ll see why Battle Eggs is the only EFL/ESL Card Game you’ll ever need!

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Get the Downloadable ESL/EFL Curriculum

Our super-popular curriculum is now available in a convenient downloadable format! It’s the perfect way for schools and online educators to save time and money!

The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum is popular in schools and classrooms around the world for two reasons: it saves time and it’s incredibly effective. Now you can download all the materials for this ESL/EFL curriculum including worksheets, flashcards, curriculum unit cards, MP3s, videos, profile cards, and games to start teaching with awesome, effective English lesson plans right away.

One huge advantage to using the BINGOBONGO Curriculum is that it’s a complete course ready to be downloaded and printed. No more searching for materials to use in English lesson plans. With this curriculum, you’ll have enough materials to teach simple, structured lessons for years. Plus, students love every part of the curriculum from the puzzle-filled worksheets, to the easy, energetic songs and chants. Nothing makes teaching easier than using a curriculum that students love!

Downloadable ESL EFL Curriculum Worksheets

Level 1 of the Downloadable ESL/EFL Curriculum is great for ESL/EFL learners as young as 3 years old. It covers the ABCs, emotions, numbers, phonics, and lots of vocabulary such as animals, colors, and food. The unique approach in this curriculum has students learning to read and write at a young age, which prepares them for a successful future as they master English.

Downloadable Curriculum Level 2 Flashcards

Level 2 of the Downloadable ESL/EFL Curriculum builds on the foundation created in Level 1 and continues by teaching 90 important verbs, 80 adjectives paired in opposites, over 200 sight words, and more crucial vocabulary. Not only is there a strong emphasis on reading and writing using our original approach to phonics, but the curriculum is designed to get students speaking English with confidence.

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Level 3 of the Downloadable ESL/EFL Curriculum continues to teach new materials while reviewing concepts and vocabulary learned from the first two levels. The focus is on past tense verbs, grammar patterns, speaking and listening skills, and test-taking practice.

Great English lesson plans need great flashcards. That’s why we have thousands of flashcards conveniently organized for you to quickly download, print, and use in all your ESL/EFL classes.

Create Energetic English Lesson Plans with Free Worksheets and Interactive Games!

Let’s face it, kids these days aren’t interested in the old-fashioned, black and white, boring worksheets that we grew up with. BINGOBONGO Learning’s ESL/EFL worksheets are fun and colorful. They’re also simple enough to quickly understand, yet contain various levels of challenges for different ages and levels of students. Kids don’t think of them as worksheets or homework… they think of them as FUN!

Check out these great songs, perfect for ESL/EFL students!

Ever feel like most kids’ songs are too difficult for ESL/EFL students? You should check out our huge selection of kids’ songs and chants that were created specifically to be used in an ESL/EFL curriculum for kids.

What’s This? What’s That?

Unit 1 Verb Chants (Level 2)

Ari the Alligator – Letter A

All esl songs mp3 free download

Find new games, crafts ideas, English lesson plans, and more on the BINGOBONGO Blog!

The BINGOBONGO Blog is a powerful resource for teachers and parents to find useful information on topics including 10-minutes crafts for English lessons, tools and resources for teaching English lesson plans online, articles for people starting their own English schools, Halloween and Christmas activities, and much much more!

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