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FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast Into the Past | EFL/ESL Coursebook/Workbook


FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast into the Past is the best way to teach the past tense of over 240 verbs. There are also 200 new nouns, 80 new adjectives, and important grammar points covered in a fun way that will help students become confident English speakers. FUN!book 3 is not only filled with extensive reading and writing practice throughout the 10 units, it also has speaking-focused activities designed to get your students talking in English.

Students who have finished FUN!book 2: Verbs and Sight Words will be excited to jump into FUN!book 3, but advanced students or junior high school students studying ESL/EFL will also love the fun and colorful worksheets.

This product includes:
FUN!book 3 (200 pages)
WOW!book 3 (40 pages)

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FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast Into the Past

Step by Step Inc.
April 2020
Author: Jeremy Lanig

ISBN 978-0-9971877-3-1

FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast Into the Past is the third FUN!book in the super popular and effective series of course books for ESL/EFL students around the world! FUN!book 3 is loaded with all new vocab and grammar packed into fun and colorful worksheets that students love.

FUN!book 3 also comes with BINGOBONGO Learning’s new supplementary workbook called WOW!book (Words Of the Week book). As students use the WOW!book together with FUN!book 3, they will be able to isolate the vocabulary and grammar points that are most challenging for them and focus on their weak points through review and practice. Plus, there’s tons of additional Q&A problems and story writing practice that goes along with the worksheets from the FUN!book.

FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast Into the Past

★Introduces nearly 500 new words not found in FUN!book 1 or FUN!book 2
★Teaches past tense for all the verbs from FUN!book 2 PLUS 150 NEW VERBS!
★Has over 200 new nouns and 80 adjectives grouped by unit topic making vocabulary and concepts easier to remember
★Has 10 units with 16 worksheets per unit, repeating the same worksheets for each unit
(This allows students to quickly become familiar with the process, and teachers can teach more effectively)
★Provides the vocab and skills necessary to pass EIKEN 4 (when combined with the previous FUN!books)
*This is meant to give a rough indication of the FUN!book’s content. It’s not officially endoresed by EIKEN
★Contains EXTRA reading passages with story questions, multiple choice questions, and fill in the blank style questions to prepare students to pass tests and exams
★Has awesome new worksheets such as Diff-Pics, Copy Chat, Block Talkers, and More!
★Can be used together with BINGOBONGO Learning’s FREE flashcards for all verbs, adjectives, nouns
★Uses free, downloadable BINGOBONGO Curriculum Cards for every unit
★Can be used with online videos or practice the CD and DVD as homework for the ultimate curriculum, in and out of the classroom
Ideal for international kindergarten students, English conversation school course books, and even for ESL/EFL junior high school students

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