Need some fun, easy, and cheap Halloween decorations for your next Halloween event or classroom party? Try making these super easy DIY Light Ghost crafts from BINGOBONGO Learning!

diy light ghosts

Halloween is a popular holiday for kids and adults around the world. It’s also a great way to motivate kids to learn while having fun wearing costumes and drooling for candy. At our English school here in Japan, Step by Step Eikaiwa, we have a huge Halloween party every year, so we’re always looking for fun crafts and activities to make the party exciting. This year, we came up with these super fun, super cute, and super cheap DIY light ghosts to decorate our school and classrooms. Not only are they big and eye-catching, but they’re a little spooky if you turn off the lights and let them swing in the air with their glowing hands.

With the recent Halloween culture boom here in Japan, we’ve noticed that a lot of the decorations at stores are small and overpriced. So if you’re on a budget and looking for a great addition to your Halloween decoration collection, these DIY light ghosts are big, exciting, and won’t break the bank. In fact, they only cost about 300 yen (about $3) per ghost. We got all the supplies at the local 100-yen shop (dollar store), and it just takes a few minutes to put them together. These could even be made by students as a classroom craft or a Halloween party activity.

How to make DIY light ghosts

The supplies to make DIY light ghosts can be found at any 100-yen shop such as Daiso or Seria or ordered online. The simplicity of these ghosts is in the clip-on LED lights which make putting the ghost together incredibly easy. Our DIY light ghosts use a plastic strainer, 2 LED clip lights, a white trash bag, black tape (or felt or construction paper), some zip ties and fishing line. You can add more lights, a nose, or a mouth to make an even scarier or funnier light-up ghost.

supplies for DIY light ghosts

These are the only materials you need to make DIY light ghosts for Halloween: a plastic strainer, 2 LED clip lights, some zip ties, black tape and a some string or fishing line.

Step 1

Attach the clip-on LED lights to the strainer. After that, add a zip tie to the top of the strainer and tie on the fishing line. (You can hang additional lights inside the strainer from the zip tie for more elaborate ghosts.)

diy light-up ghosts step 1

diy light-up ghosts step 1

light up ghosts step 1

Step 2

Cut the bottom of the trash bag to give the ghost more motion in the wind. After that, poke a small hole in the bag and pull the fishing line through, pulling the strainer and lights into the bag.

light up ghosts step 2

light up ghosts step 2

Step 3

We used small, white zip ties to bunch the trash bag around the clip-light arms to give the ghosts their body shape. You can experiment with different arm positions and angles if you like. Finally, add the eyes using black duct tape, marker, felt, or any other convenient materials.

light up ghosts step 3

light up ghosts step 3

Step 4

Finally, the lights can be easily turned on and off through the plastic bag. So turn on the lights, hang the DIY light ghosts in a scary place, and wait for all the fun reactions!

The finished DIY light ghost

light up ghosts step 4

Now it’s your turn to make DIY light ghost Halloween decorations!

light up ghosts step 4

Making fun and exciting Halloween decorations couldn’t be any easier! These simple, cheap, and easy DIY light ghosts will be the hit at your next Halloween party or Halloween classroom event.

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