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EFL/ESL Card Game Battle Eggs (5 games in 1!)


Battle Eggs is the only EFL/ESL Card game of its kind! It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular tools for teachers and parents to get kids motivated to study English.  Colors, numbers, math, spelling, phonics, reading, writing, months, days of the week, emotions, weather, hobbies, and food are just some of the things that kids can learn without even realizing they’re studying English!

Sound too good to be true? Just scroll down to find out why Battle Eggs is the only EFL/ESL Card Game you’ll ever need. And don’t forget to download the free Player Score Cards at the bottom of the page!

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Battle Eggs is the EFL/ESL Card Game that beats the rest!Battle Eggs EFL ESL Card Game

What is the Battle Eggs EFL/ESL Card Game?

Battle Eggs is the incredible new EFL/ESL card game with endless potential for teaching English. Not only do kids love collecting Pet Cards and using them in battles, but the more they play, the more they learn. Shapes, colors, hobbies, spelling, and phonics are just a few areas covered in Battle Eggs.

You might have tried a few EFL/ESL card games in the past, but once you play Battle Eggs, you’ll never need to look for another EFL/ESL card game to teach English again.

What do you need to play Battle Eggs?

The fastest way to understand the rules of Battle Eggs is to watch our how-to-play instructional video found here. Once you watch it, you’ll know everything you need to get started.

Each player needs 1 Pet Deck

areas of study ESL EFL Card Game

Each player needs one Pet Deck to play Battle Eggs. A Pet Deck has Pet Cards which are used in Pet Battles. There are 10 colors of pets, and 10 types of pets, so kids will always look forward to getting a new Pet Deck to find their new favorite cards.

A Pet Deck has 15 cards (Click here to see all 100 pets), each packed with a unique profile including Pet Power Points (PPP), a character type, a color, a name, a hobby, a birthday, a weather symbol, a shape, an emotion, and a favorite food or drink.

There is even a secret word hidden in the name of each pet when you read it backwards. Rotagilla is a green rabbit, and its name spelled backwards is Alligator (which is also a green animal).

You need 1 Battle Deck (Vocabulary Cards/Battle Eggs)

Phonics reading writing esl efl card game

In addition to each player having a Pet Deck, one Battle Deck is needed for the table. There are various levels of Battle Decks, each with vocabulary cards that teach topics such as phonics, days of the week, months, colors, and more depending on the Battle Deck level.

Battle Decks also have Battle Eggs which force all players to battle using their Pet Decks for the ultimate learn-through-play experience that never gets boring.

When playing Battle Eggs, students will learn the words on the vocabulary cards, plus they will quickly recognize how to read and spell them. Once students can read, write, and say all of the vocabulary words in a deck, it’s time to advance to the next Battle Deck level.

How to play Battle Eggs

The concept of Battle Eggs is incredibly simple. For each player’s turn, draw a card from the Battle Deck in the middle of the table and ask a question about the card to the player on the left. If that player can answer the question, they get to keep the card (and its points).

If the player makes a mistake, however, all players get to have a Pet Battle to win the card. You can read the complete rules here or check out this how-to-play video.

Why is Battle Eggs such an effective EFL/ESL Card Game?

It’s because of all the grammar and vocabulary contained in such a simple EFL/ESL Card Game!

One of the greatest challenges facing EFL/ESL teachers is getting students to study and enjoy English outside of lessons. That all changes with Battle Eggs! As soon as students get their first Pet Deck and Battle Deck, you can count on them playing again and again with friends and family.

That’s because Battle Eggs is more than just a carefully designed EFL/ESL card game that maximizes the educational potential of games. There is also a complimentary online spelling game called ABC EGGSplorers, which is perfect for creating a great balance of digital and analog study-through-play using the same vocabulary and colorful pets found in Battle Eggs. It also gives teachers and parents an even larger selection of effective tools for teaching English conversation and grammar skills.

There are even Battle Eggs Player Score Cards which are perfect for turning a game of Battle Eggs into a valuable homework assignment! With the Player Score Cards, teachers and parents will be able to evaluate student progress at any time. Plus, they add a whole new dimension of reading and writing to an already powerful EFL/ESL Card Came.

Find out more about each type of Deck and Combo Starter Packs

You can order any of the levels of Battle Decks and Pet Decks by changing the quantities at the top of this page and placing your order.  To find out more about the vocabulary and grammar contained in each deck, as well as order our convenient starter packs, check out each product below.

Download the Battle Eggs Player Score Cards

Click the image of Battle Eggs Player Score cards below to download and use them for reading and writing practice. Many English schools and teachers also use these as supplementary homework  home-play assignments.

In addition to assigning regular EFL/ESL textbook or workbook assignments, you can give each student two or three Player Score Cards and encourage them to play Battle Eggs with friends or family and bring back the completed score cards. After that, watch the English ability of your kids skyrocket!

Player Score Cards Battle Eggs

Battle Eggs is the EFL/ESL Card Game with many ways to play!

how to play battle eggs game variations

The rules to play this EFL/ESL card game are simple, but there are various ways to make it more challenging for older and more advanced players. When playing with younger players, however, many of the advanced rules can be ignored. You can even come up with your own rule variations that help your students learn the vocabulary and grammar faster.

We’ve even put together a list of Battle Eggs game variations that you can check out and play with kids as young as 3 years old.

There’s even a Print & Play version of the EFL/ESL card game, Battle Eggs!

Want to try out Battle Eggs before you get the full version? Check out the Print and Play Battle Eggs!

For those who want to get a better feel before purchasing the full version Battle Decks and Pet Decks, the Print and Play version of Battle Eggs is a great way to try before you buy. Although there are no foil rainbow cards in the print and play version, you can still enjoy spelling, reading, and most of all, Pet Battles!

To try the print and play version of ESL/EFL card game, Battle Eggs, just download the free PDF Battle Eggs Print and Play file, print the pages double-sided (or glue single-sided pages together), cut out all the cards, and start playing.

It has 18 vocabulary cards and 6 Battle Eggs Cards from the Level 1 Battle Deck and 18 Pet Cards used to create Pet Decks. (see the rules for Pet Deck regulations here).

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