How to use the ABC FUN!box (Instructions and Tutorials)

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Please refer to the following explanations and tutorial videos before using the ABC FUN!box.

The ABC FUN!box is a simple, yet powerful resource for online and classroom teachers, parents, and students. One of the greatest features of the ABC FUN!box is that it doesn’t require downloading any apps or software. You also never have to upgrade anything since the ABC FUN!box is completely contained in a single page of a website.

Once you find and select a worksheet from the hundreds of lessons found in the ABC FUN!box, it will automatically display all available resources associated with that single worksheet. The following explanations and tutorial videos will help users understand how to get the most out of the ABC FUN!box.

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ABC FUN!box Explanations and Tutorial Videos

How to search the ABC FUN!box
(Worksheets and resources)

Required Membership: No membership required

To search for a worksheet, first click the search icon or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S to show the search bar. Then choose your preferred search method and select any worksheet. The worksheet will appear, and the available resources will automatically be updated in the MyMenu list.

How to use MyMenu

Required Membership: Some resources in MyMenu are only available with certain memberships. A Teacher Plus membership or higher has access to all resources in the ABC FUN!box.

Whenever a new worksheet is selected (from one of the search pages), the menu on the left, called My Menu, automatically gets updated with all the available resources for that worksheet. Simply click any launch button in My Menu to quickly toggle between resources.

Once a resource is loaded, it will remain there until the next worksheet is selected. This makes it easy for teachers to quick go use several different resources without slowing down the lesson pace.

Whenever new resources are added to the ABC FUN!box, they will automatically appear. You can check out our ABC FUN!box update log to see all the changes and latest resources. There’s also a list of every type of MyMenu resource (all unlocked) which you can use to try out the various resources.

How to use Interactive Flashcards

Required Membership:  Teacher Plus membership, Institution, Student Basic (If loading using MyQR or MyLink)

Interactive flashcards are automatically created and loaded based on the key vocabulary for any worksheet or song. To access interactive flashcards (DFC, Talk!box), simply load any worksheet and check MyMenu. If the worksheet has interactive flashcards available, they will appear in the “Interactive” section.

How to use the draw/text tools in the ABC FUN!box

Required Membership: Teacher Plus membership, Institution

Click the brush icon or use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + D) to toggle the art/text toolbox.

How to download from the ABC FUN!box
(worksheets, flashcards, videos, MP3s, etc.)

Required Membership: Any Teacher membership plan
*Note: Student Plan members cannot download from the ABC FUN!box, only from linked resources (using MyQR and MyLink).

To download any resource in the ABC FUN!box, simply launch the resource and click the yellow “Download” button at the bottom of the screen.

How to use MyQR/MyLink
(Create a simple list of activities for students to do at home)

Required Membership: Teacher Plus is required to create lists. Student Basic or higher required to access locked resources.

Using the built in MyQR-MyLink Builder, teachers can quickly create a list of QR codes or links from any resources in the ABC FUN!box. These can be used as lesson plans for teachers or homework assignments for students.

To make a list using the MyQR/MyLink Builder, simply click the QR icon found on any resource button in the MyMenu list. After that, go to the MyQR page found in the floating menu. From there you can print or copy the data into an email or word document.

This system is simple and has proven to be a great solution for getting young learners motivated to study and review at home.

How to use Teacher Tools

Required Membership: Teacher Plus membership or higher.

When using the ABC FUN!box in online lessons or in classrooms equipped with tablets, TVs, or other screens that can display the ABC FUN!box, the Teacher Tools such as the drawing tool and textbox tool will allow you to explain concepts quickly and easily on screen.

Just remember that when using the drawing tool and textbox tools, you will not be able to click any buttons below the drawing layer. You can quickly toggle the drawing layer on and off using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + D.

How to play ABC EGGSplorers

Required Membership: Teacher Plus membership or higher.

ABC EGGSplorers is a simple spelling game that kids from ages 1 to 15 love playing. The more words that students correctly spell, the more pets they can collect. Using the ABC FUN!box, you can also change a huge selection of options such as uppercase/lowercase, one letter CVC practice, and phonics/letter names for audio.

Finally, you can create QR codes and links for the various options which opens up many possibilities for lesson activities and homework assignments.

How to use the ABC TALK!box

Required Membership: Student Basic , Teacher Plus or higher.

The ABC TALK!box is a scanning app, which can be a standalone app or used within the ABC FUN!box to scan Talk Codes found in Talking Posters, curriculum cards, and some worksheets such as the worksheets found in Phonics + Math FUN!book (Level 4 of the ABC FUN!box).

The ABC TALK!box scanner can only be used with printed resources which have the Talk Codes. To learn more about the ABC TALK!box, check out the video and instruction guide found here.

How to use the ABC FUN!box Student Menu

Required Membership: Student Basic , Teacher Plus or higher.

While the ABC FUN!box is full of great worksheets and resources, it can be overwhelming to many parents and students. That’s why we added the student menu.

To access the student menu, simply click on any link or QR generated from the ABC FUN!box. As long as it doesn’t have the “Single resource page” selected, the Student Menu will be available. In addition, scanning the QR code at the bottom of any worksheet will launch the Student Menu for that page.

Within the student menu, there are free resources (printables and videos) and paid resources (interactive resources). If a student has a Student Basic membership, then they can login to access any resource for that page. These resources are the same as those found in My Menu of the ABC FUN!box.

Schools can also buy Student Basic memberships in bulk at a discount and manage them for the students and parents.

How to use purchase and manage bulk student memberships

These two videos will guide you through the process of purchasing memberships in bulk, inviting your students to join, and managing the memberships from your account page.

Part 1

  • Purchasing bulk student memberships
  • Accessing the student membership management area

Part 2

  • Inviting students to join by email or link
  • Joining a membership as a student