Make these cute and fun DIY paper craft animal hats in your next ESL/EFL class or event!

diy paper craft hats instructions

If you’re looking for a fun project for your next ESL/EFL class, summer camp, or other event, why not try making these cute and easy DIY paper craft animal hats? Kids can choose from a bunny rabbit, frog, dinosaur, or monkey. They’re easy to make, fun to wear, and best of all, free to download from BINGOBONGO Learning!

We’ve seen lots of great ideas for various hats around the web such as this cool dinosaur hat craft, and this paper bunny hat craft, but we needed some paper craft hats that were fast and easy. So we decided to make our own original templates.

The designs are simple and you only need scissors, a stapler, and a few other classroom supplies to make these animal hats. Of course you can get more creative and add things like eyes, ears, a nose and a mouth. We got all of the supplies to make our paper craft animal hats at a 100 yen shop (dollar store) in Japan, but you can probably find most of the supplies in your house or classroom if you’re a teacher. The animal hat outlines are designed for B4 sized paper because it’s easy to find in Japan. If your paper is a little bigger or smaller, it shouldn’t be a problem because our free downloadable PDFs can be scaled to fit whatever paper you have. Just remember to adjust the number of rubber bands to fit comfortably on the head.

How to make paper craft animal hats

animal hats supplies

These DIY paper craft animal hats are fast and easy to make, requiring very few supplies.

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Step 1

Download and print the free animal hat patterns below. We use brown for the monkey, green for the dinosaur, light green for the frog, and white for the bunny rabbit, but you can choose your favorite animal colors for the hats.

diy paper craft hats instructions

Step 2

Cut out the animal hats on the dotted lines. For young kids, teachers or parents can help with this step. After that, cut out eyes or draw them on. If you want, you can also draw ears, a nose, and a mouth depending on the animal. Don’t forget to have students write their name on the hat for a little writing practice.

diy paper craft hats instructions

diy paper craft hats instructions

Step 3

Depending on the paper size and size of the student’s head, use one to three rubber bands and link them into a single band. After that, staple the rubber band to the ends of the animal hat. For the dinosaur, you will also attach the top of the tail to the headband and put the rubber bands through the opening between the two strips of paper making the tail (see video below).

diy paper craft hats instructions

Step 4 (For the dinosaur hat craft)

Cut the spikes on the dotted lines and fold on the the solid lines. After that, cut the spikes into “almost triangles” (trapezoids with a very short top edge), leaving a little of the fold. Attach the spikes one at a time by folding them and stapling them to strips of paper making the tail. See the video below to see how it’s done.

dinosaur hat craft spikes

diy paper craft hats instructions

Now you can download, print, and start making paper craft animal hats!

super cute diy animal hats
We’re 100% positive that your students will love making these paper craft animal hats as much as ours! We’ve even put together a fun video showing how to make the hats. If there’s another kind of paper animal hat that your students would like to make, please let us know and we can put the template on this page soon!

Monkey Hat

monkey paper hat craft diy

Frog Hat

frog paper hat craft diy

Rabbit Hat

bunny rabbit paper hat craft diy

Dinosaur Hat

dinosaur paper hat craft diy

Eyes Template

eyes diy craft animals