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FUN!book 1 – Super Easy ABCs & 123s (2nd Ed.) | ESL Coursebook

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FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s (2nd Edition) is the EFL/ESL combination textbook/workbook that lets teachers prepare lessons with ease! Students as young as 3 years old will love working though the fun, colorful worksheets again and again.

Every worksheet also has a QR code which can be used to access free resources such as flashcards, chant videos, and songs, as well as resources for ABC FUN!box members such as interactive games, and mini-lessons, and more!

*Limited numbers of FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s (1st Edition) are also available. If you wish to order 1st edition books, please make a note on the checkout page or contact us directly.


FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s – ESL Textbook/Workbook Combination

FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s is combination textbook/workbook that’s sure to be a hit!

This FUN!book is the first in the series of FUN!books that make up the BINGOBONGO Curriculum with over 400 lessons ready to go! Using this book, students will have tons of fun learning the uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers from 0 – 20, as well as phonics, math, and other foundational skills.

BINGOBONGO FUN!books are the top choice for both students and teachers when it comes to English education! Students love the problem-solving based worksheets with cute, colorful characters on every page.

Teachers love FUN!book worksheets because they can be used as classroom activities or as homework assignments. On top of that, lesson planning can be done in minutes thanks to a huge selection of videos, chants, flashcards, games, and more. Access everything online instantly by scanning the QR code on any page.

FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s EFL/ESL Textbook Features

★ Colorful and engaging worksheets loved by kids

The various worksheet styles repeat through the book, so students quickly become familiar with the process, allowing them to concentrate on the content. Worksheets can also be torn out of the book and assigned page by page to simplify the homework process.

★ Speaking-focused worksheets that can be used as activities in lessons

FUN!book worksheets are not only great for teaching reading and writing, but they’re filled with speaking and listening activities that can be done in lessons.

★ ABC FUN!box support for interactive online lessons, blended learning, or flipped classrooms

Thanks to a QR code on every worksheet, students and teachers can quickly access worksheet solutions, flashcards, interactive games, tutorial videos, and many other resources from our massive Online Resource Library and Online Teaching Platform, the ABC FUN!box. That means students will have more confidence to learn independently, letting teachers spend more time focusing on communication-based activities that students enjoy.

★ No need to plan lessons if you use FUN!books!

When using FUN!books, there’s no need to search for flashcards, resources, games, or activities in lessons since it’s all ready to go in the ABC FUN!box. You can build your own custom lesson plans from thousands of resources or use our standard lesson plans and reduce your lesson prep time to a couple of minutes.

★ Vocabulary found in FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s

There are 5 vocabulary words (primarily nouns) for each letter of the alphabet used in FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s.
funbook 1 vocabulary list

★ Differences between 2nd edition and 1st edition

While the 1st edition of FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s has 300 pages, the 2nd addition has 320 pages. In addition to minor design changes, the following changes have been made:

■Uppercase Spelling Time: 2nd edition has circles next to the words in the hint box to help students find the right word for each picture.

■Lowercase Code Time: students must now write the lowercase letters in the hint box.

■Lowercase Search Time: rather than draw a line from the pictures to the words, students must write the words in lowercase using the uppercase words for reference.

■ p. 293 – 300 (reference materials and games) have been replaced by Review Time worksheets.

FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s Information

FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s (2nd Edition)
ISBN 978-0-9971877-4-8

First published 2018 | BINGOBONGO Learning (Step by Step, Inc. Japan) |
Copyright © 2021 BINGOBONGO Learning (Step by Step, Inc. Japan) 

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