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Colors, Shapes, and Animals – Super Cute Crafts for Kids

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Practice shapes, colors, and animals with these super-cute ESL/EFL round animal crafts for kids.

Shapes Animals - Fish

Hey everyone! Check out this fun and easy ESL/EFL craft activity for kids to learn shapes, colors, and animals. Like our paper craft animals hats, this fun paper craft activity takes no time to prepare and couldn’t be any easier. Plus, it gives students the opportunity to practice saying colors, shapes, and animals while letting them express their creativity. They can make their favorite animals or invent new and strange creatures!

If the children are too young to use scissors, or there isn’t enough class time to do a lot of cutting, the teacher can prepare the shapes in advance to make a shorter, smoother lesson. All you need for these cute paper animals is glue, paper, and scissors. We also recommend printing the BINGOBONGO Shapes Template to help students learn the names of the shapes.

The students just have to understand one simple rule. They can make any animal they like as long as they only use standard shapes. After the students assemble and glue the animals, you can also have an animal presentation. This is a great opportunity for students to practice saying expressions like, “This is my dog. It has brown circle ears, a pink heart hose, and a red triangle tongue.”

For more fun animal paper crafts, check out our super easy paper craft animal hats!

How to make paper craft animals

Shapes Animals Downloadable Template

Step 1

Prepare the supplies. Printing the PDF on the colored paper gives students a good way to learn shapes. If they need different sized shapes or more shapes, then they can cut them out  additionally from blank paper.

The teacher should make some sample animals to show the students and help get their creative engines running.

Step 1 Print

Step 2

Depending on the amount of class time, another option is to give each student one sheet of colored paper. After they cut out all the shapes of that color, they can trade with other students who have different colors. This adds a fun twist to the animals they can make.

Step 2 Cut

Step 3

Once the animals are complete, the students can do a presentation and use English to describe their super cute, round animals.

Step 3 Make your favorite Animals

Now you can download, print, and start making circle shape animals!

We hope you enjoying making these circle animals from shapes. Please send pictures of your creations to and we’ll put our favorites in the gallery below. Check out the video below to see some of our cute, round, paper animals.

Shapes Template
DownloadFree Shapes Outlines Template

Here are some of our favorite circle animals

Here are just a few of the animals you can make from common shapes such as hearts, circles, diamonds, moons/crescents, rectangles, squares, and ovals. Check out this video to see paper animals from shapes in action!

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Any of the activities above combined with BINGOBONGO Sticktionaries create super fun lessons that students will never forget!

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