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Level 7 EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack (Over 600 files included, major time saver!)

$ 45

EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack (Level 7)

Use EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packsand you’ll never have to make or search for another worksheet, flashcard, or game again. That’s because each pack contains one level of the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum with 40 lessons and over 600 files that you can download to your computer in a single .ZIP file.

Each one of the EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs is loaded with fun, colorful worksheets from our super popular coursebooks (BINGOBONGO FUN!books) combined with all the supplementary resources you need to teach fun and exciting lessons every time without making or preparing any resources. You’ll save loads of time and students will have loads of fun, which makes it a win-win situation for everyone.

*** If you’re considering purchasing an ESL/EFL Curriculum Download Pack, PLEASE READ THIS! ***

The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum was created to be used in face-to-face lessons or in online lessons. The printable, video, and audio components of the curriculum are all included in the EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs, but the interactive online games and activities can only be accessed using our Online Resource Library and Teaching Platform, the ABC FUN!box.

Not only will you get the most out of the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum by getting an ABC FUN!box membership, but with an Institution Membership, you can get ALL of the EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Let’s do the math… you could purchase all 10 packs individually for a total of 45,000 yen ($450), or you could get an Institution Membership for 24,000 yen/year ($240) and download all 10 packs plus get unlimited access to the ABC FUN!box for a full year. The Institution Membership is clearly the winner with a 53% discount off the cost of the EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs and a full year of unlimited ABC FUN!box games and interactive resources included.


Get everything you need to teach fun, energetic English lessons in the Level 7 EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack!

Whether you’re new to teaching ESL/EFL or you’re a veteran English teacher looking for a better curriculum that saves you time and helps your students excel at English, this EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack is perfect for you. Teachers around the globe have had remarkable success using the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum with students as young as 3 years old up to junior high school students.

This EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack has one level of the 10 levels found in our popular and effective English course. The curriculum has fun, colorful worksheets from our EFL/ESL coursebooks called BINGOBONGO FUN!books. These worksheets combined with our easy-to-understand Unit Curriculum Cards and additional supplementary teaching materials make EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs one of the best options available.

In addition to highly effective worksheets, EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs each contains a large selection of songs, videos, chants, flashcards, student profile cards (A.S.K. Cards), QR Code/link lists for lesson planning (Hybrid Lesson Plans), QR Code/link assignment for students (At Home Challenge Cards), BINGO cards, wordsearches, and more!

Plus, the simple folder structure of the 40 lessons in 10 units makes it fast and easy to find the resources you need to teach amazing lessons every time!

In fact, the Level 7 EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack has over 600 files as shown below!

When you purchase (or download for free with an ABC FUN!box Institution membership) this EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack, you get everything listed below in a single downloadable .ZIP file after purchase. After that just print the activities you plan on using in face-to-face lessons or use the resources in online lessons right away. Continue reading below for a description of each type of resource.

110 Fun and colorful worksheets
60 Sets of single-sided and double-sided flashcards (unit vocab and unit songs)
40 Videos (unit chants and unit songs)
10 Unit Curriculum Cards
1 A.S.K. Profile Card

11 Talking Posters
90 BINGO packs (10 cards per pack)
90 Wordsearch printouts
60 Word Racer Games
2 Styles of Sticktionary Cards (stickers sold separately)
40 Hybrid Lesson Cards (QR code/link lists for teachers*)
40 At Home Challenge Cards (QR code/link lists for students*)

*Some linked activities require an ABC FUN!box membership.

Check out the video tour of this EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack!

It’s one thing to see the number of resources written in a list, but to get a better idea of the folder organization and how to navigate the EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs, check out the video below to see how simple it is to find resources and plan lessons in seconds. While the video only gives a detailed explanation of Level 1 – Unit 1, please remember that all units and all levels have the same folder structure and included resources. To see what worksheets are included in each level, please visit the ABC FUN!box for this level to check things out (no membership required!)

What kind of resources are in the Level 7 EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack?

The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum was built over a 10-year period by professional educators with years of experience. The goal was to create a curriculum that could be used in a variety of different schools by teachers with different teaching styles and lesson goals.

In addition, the BINGOBONGO Curriculum was created with online and offline lessons in mind. Whether you teach in the classroom, online, or some variation of hybrid/blended lessons, you’ll immediately appreciate how versatile and effective the worksheets, activities, and resources are. Each of the resource types is introduced below.


EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack worksheets

The content of the worksheets makes up the foundation of the 10-level BINGOBONGO English Curriculum. The worksheets found in this Downloadable Curriculum Pack can be taught over 40 lessons. If you teach English once per week for 45 – 60 min., then a single level typically takes about one year to complete. The style of the worksheets found in each unit are used throughout the level, so it’s normal for students to feel a little challenged in unit 1 and build confidence and a deeper understanding by unit 10.

The worksheets found in this level of the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum are from the EFL/ESL coursebook FUN!book 3 – Conversation Blast Into the Past (currently only available in Japan). If you’re in Japan, we highly recommend getting a FUN!book for each student to save time and money on printing and preparation costs.

Unit Curriculum Cards

EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack curriculum cards

Every unit of every level has a Curriculum Card which shows the vocabulary, unit song, and other content covered in the unit. These are not only convenient for teachers to quickly see the unit content at a glance, but parents and students can also use them at home when printed for each student.

All Star Kids Profile Cards (A.S.K. Cards)

EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack stickers

All Star Kids Profile Cards (A.S.K. Cards) are a great resource to use throughout the year to help students memorize their personal profiles and important vocabulary including the ABCs, ABC-words, numbers, animals, shapes, colors, careers, foods, instruments, sports, school subjects, body parts, family members, transportation, months, times, fractions, countries and more.

Best of all, these free profile cards can be used in a variety of ways such as for taking roll, playing games, and keeping track of yearly progress.


easy ESL games with no prep time

Downloadable Curriculum Packs are full of supplementary printable games and activities that students and teachers love. While it’s possible to teach lessons only using the included worksheets, many teachers like to teach and review concepts through games and activities such as BINGO, wordsearches, Word Racers (Snakes and Ladders alternative), and other popular favorites.

Within the Games/Activities folder of each unit, you can find several popular resources with different combinations of the lesson vocabulary images and text.

Videos (Songs/Chants)

chants songs

The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum is loaded with hundreds of videos of unit songs, vocabulary chants, story readings, and more! They’re all made to be fun and exciting to make lesson planning easier for teachers and increase the students’ motivation levels to the max!

Here are just a couple of the awesome videos you’ll find in the Level 7 EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack

Flashcards (Printable)

Free ESL EFL English Flashcards

Flashcards are a staple resource for many English lessons, and there’s no shortage of flashcards in the Downloadable Curriculum Packs. Most flashcards come in two varieties: single-sided and double-sided. Single-sided flashcards are great for printing or using online. Double-sided flashcards can be printed and used in a variety of ways. For even more flashcard options, check out the huge selection of Digital Interactive Flashcards in the ABC FUN!box (membership required).

Talking Posters

talking posters demo

Talking Posters are a themed set of vocabulary words that can be used online or as a printed resource. In addition, the vocabulary words each have a small code that can be scanned with a smartphone to hear the audio with the ABC TALK!box. Every level has one main Talking Poster topic, and each unit has a sub-topic, giving teachers several options for vocabulary to teach and review each lesson.

Sticktionary Cards

bingobongo learning sticktionary cards 1

BINGOBONGO Sticktionaries  are more than a reward system, they’re a powerful tool for EFL/ESL teachers. Our Sticktionary Cards consist of 60 ESL stickers per topic and a series of laminated pages with a randomized spot for each sticker.

Getting stickers and finding where to put them on the Sticktionary cards is a fun problem to solve, and it’s full of educational potential. Sticktionaries are also a convenient tool for teachers to use for warm-ups, conversation practice, grammar review, and even teaching new grammar and vocabulary through problem-based learning.

MP3s (Songs/Chants)


For teachers that prefer to help students strengthen listening skills using audio tracks alone, we have you covered. Every video found in the unit has a corresponding MP3 track available.

Hybrid Lesson Plans (Teacher QR/Link Lists)

hybrid lesson plans 1

Every one of the 400 lessons in the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum (40 lessons per level, 10 levels) has a one-page Hybrid Lesson Plan with 28 QR codes and links to resources for that lesson. You can instantly access any of the core worksheets, chant videos, and additional activities such as BINGO Cards, wordsearches, and more.

Not only can you quickly access worksheets and printable resources, but there is also a large selection of online resources* to choose from which makes them perfect for classroom teachers, online teachers, or anyone teaching a combination of the two with hybrid lessons.

*Some online activities require an ABC FUN!box membership.

At Home Challenge (Student QR/Link Lists)

at home challenge cards

In addition to 40 Hybrid Lesson Plans per level (400 total), there are also 40 At Home Challenge cards for students to use to study and review at home. Each At Home Challenge includes 6 QR codes and links that students can use to access the unit songs, chants, online review games*, and mini lessons*.

Students who regularly do the activities in the At Home Challenge cards are usually more prepared to learn and practice thanks to the added opportunity to study at home.

*Some online activities require an ABC FUN!box membership.

Use the ABC FUN!box together with EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs for an even more robust and versatile curriculum!

In addition to the EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs, BINGOBONGO Learning has a huge Online Resource Library and Teaching Platform called the ABC FUN!box. The ABC FUN!box has everything found in the EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs, plus thousands of additional interactive resources that can only be used online. Interactive flashcard games, audio-enabled flashcards, and online drawing tools are just a few resources that face-to-face teachers and online teachers love using on a regular basis.

Another great reason to sign up for the ABC FUN!box Institution membership plan is that you can download every single EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Pack at no additional charge. You can read more about the ABC FUN!box and membership plans here, as well as see a detailed description of the dozens of online resources the ABC FUN!box has to offer.

If you have any questions about the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum, the EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs, or the ABC FUN!box, feel free to contact us to hear how BINGOBONGO Learning can help you get the most out of your lessons.

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