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Free Christmas Present Shooting Game (10-Minute Craft)

Make a Plastic PET Bottle Present Blaster in less than 10 minutes! Then play our Christmas Present Shooting Game and Get Presents!

Our plastic PET Bottle Christmas Present Shooting Game is perfect for Christmas parties and events!

Christmas Present Shooting Game with plastic PET bottles

Need a quick craft for your next Christmas lesson or events? This plastic PET Bottle Christmas Present Shooting Game is super quick and easy to make! In fact, it’s so easy that it can be made in under 10 minutes.  And best of all, you can probably make them with materials you already have in your classroom or house. We decided to make these with our students since our Halloween Ghost Blasters Shooting Game was such a massive hit!

This Christmas Present Shooting Game is great for lessons, parties, and events because kids love the process of making the plastic PET bottle shooter and then knocking over the presents to see what’s underneath. We have two target templates available. The first template has various presents that appear after getting knocked over. The other template has points like our template for Halloween targets.

The Christmas Present Shooting Game is unique and exciting!

christmas present targets

Our Christmas Present Shooting Game is exciting because of the simple physics concept of creating an air gun using a partial vacuum with a balloon and plastic PET bottle. The supplies used are common household things, but kids are amazed when they realize that they can make a Christmas Present Blasting Game!

Another great thing about our Christmas Present Shooting Game for teachers is its educational value. The free, printable Present Targets have pictures of popular toys and Christmas presents that kids love. They can practice the words: toys, yo-yo, blocks, kite, unicycle, stuffed animal, doll, video game, and other useful vocabulary words. Whether you choose to use the points targets or the vocabulary targets, there are many ways to play the plastic PET Bottle Christmas Present Shooting Game.

Are plastic PET Bottle Blasters safe?

Safe Christmas present blaster
Of course these blasters are safe! In fact, shooting Christmas presents with these low-power air blasters is much safer than shooting Christmas presents with real guns. You could shoot your eye out with a real gun, but that’s 99.999% impossible with a soft blast of air. In other words, they’re totally safe. Just remember to remind your students or kids never to point an air blaster (or any gun for that matter) at a person.

Also, don’t forget to securely tape the balloon to the plastic PET bottle to prevent it from coming off when being pulled. If you don’t, the balloon could come off, ruining the experience of shooting Christmas presents.  To be extra safe, you can also use goggles while going postal on the Christmas presents.

Supplies required to make the Christmas Present Shooting Game

You can make a simple plastic PET Bottle Shooter, or you can get a little more elaborate and add Christmas decorations if you want. The instructions for the basic plastic PET Bottle Christmas Present Shooting Game below uses a 500ml plastic PET Bottle, a large balloon, some electrical tape, and our free printable present targets with points and printable name card for inside the plastic bottle.

Required supplies for the Christmas Present Shooting Game

supplies for present shooting game

  • 1 500ml plastic bottle (PET)

  • 1 Large Balloon (15 inch/ 38cm or bigger)

  • Electrical tape or duct tape

  • Present Targets Template with points/vocabulary (download here)
    Best printed on thick paper

  • Scissors

  • Crayons or colored pencils

  • Plastic PET bottle Present Blaster decoration paper (download here)
    Best printed on B4 sized paper (25 x 35.3 cm     9.8 x 13.9 in.)

  • Additional decorations (markers, string, googly eyes, etc.)

How to make and play the Christmas Present Shooting Game

The Christmas Present Shooting Game is one of our most popular crafts for kids. Just follow the three simple steps below.

Step 1 – Prepare the plastic bottle for the Present Blasters

Cut off the bottom of the plastic PET bottle to make the cylinder of the plastic bottle air blaster. The edges might be a little bit jagged or sharp, so it’s important to put a layer of electrical tape around this to keep it safe for children. This also prevents the balloon from tearing or ripping after it’s attached.

Optionally, you can decorate the plastic bottle air blaster. Just print out our template on B4 sized paper (25 x 35.3 cm     9.8 x 13.9 in.), write your name on it, and put it inside the plastic bottle before attaching the balloon.

Christmas present blaster game craft 2

Ghost Shooting Game07

Christmas present blaster game craft 5

Step 2 – Attach the balloon to the plastic bottle

Tie a knot in the balloon like in the picture and then cut a small piece from the top of the balloon. Next, stretch it over the wide part of the plastic PET bottle and attach it with another layer of tape.

Continue to decorate the air blaster with markers, ribbons, or other decorations if you want to.

Christmas Present Shooting Game12

Christmas present blaster game craft 7

Step 3 – Cut out the present targets and fold at the base

Finally, download our free template of presents with points or vocab words to play the Christmas Present Shooting Game. There are 12 presents total, and each one has a different point value or vocabulary word on the bottom depending on which set you print and use. We recommend printing these on thicker paper to make them a little more durable.

Finally, you can play the game. Gently pull back on the balloon and release to knock down the presents and get points or the vocab words underneath. If the balloon gets pulled into the plastic bottle, just give it a quick shake from the top to fix it.

Christmas present blaster game craft 4

Christmas present blaster game craft 11

This Christmas Present Shooting Game is one of the easiest Christmas crafts ever!

Christmas present blaster game craft 10

In just three easy steps, your kids will be able to “open” presents in this Christmas Present Shooting Game. For more fun Christmas craft ideas, don’t miss our 3D reindeer Christmas card.

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snow globe template thumbs

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christmas flashcards and printables
Whether you use one or all of the free interactive Christmas games above, you’re sure to have a great time with students learning about Christmas. You can also check out our 4 sets of printable Christmas flashcards, our fun printable Christmas worksheets, a fun Christmas poster, and more!

Finally, here’s a 3D Reindeer Christmas card you can make in minutes!

This cute 3D Reindeer Christmas Card is always a hit with kids.
3d reindeer christmas cards

How to make a 3D Reindeer card!

Whether you’re teaching online lessons, holding a Christmas party, or just looking for something fun to do at home, we hope these 7 interactive Christmas games and activities, as well as our printable worksheets, games, and crafts make your holidays a little merrier.

Practice the vocabulary with the Christmas Song!

Use this song to help students learn more vocabulary associated with Christmas. It’s great to play on a loop for background music as you make the Christmas Present Shooting Game.

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