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10-Minute ESL Crafts: English Reading Word Spinners for Phonics Practice

Forget Fidget Spinners! English Reading Word Spinners are the best thing for your ESL classroom!

English Reading Word Spinners

Reading, writing, and phonics in English can be difficult for young children and ESL students. That’s why we created a new series of English Reading Word Spinners that are fun to make, exciting to use, and great for teaching children how to read. This super easy activity is part of our 10-minute ESL craft series, and it’s great for children of all ages.

Easy to make English Word Spinners

These English Reading Word Spinners can be downloaded for free from our Free ESL Worksheets section in color or black and white. We made several versions to practice short vowel sounds and phonics for beginners. Students can look at the picture and spell the word, or read the word first and check the meaning with a picture. Our English Reading Word Spinners can be printed on card stock, laminated, and put together with a permanent metal rivet to make a safe and durable learning resource. Students will have hours and hours of fun using it over and over to master reading. There’s even a section on the front to practice writing all the words they find in the English Reading Word Spinner. Writing is a key step in the process of remembering.

tools to make Easy to make English Word Spinners

We’ll continue making more English Word Spinners for different patterns including long vowel sounds, blends, and more! Be sure to check back soon!

Here’s a video showing how to make our English Reading Word Spinners.

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