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5 Free Custom Photo Snow Globe Templates

Make an original snow globe with these 5 Free Custom Photo Snow Globe Templates!

diy snow globe kit samples

These custom photo snow globe templates are perfect to use as craft activities for Christmas lessons, events, or parties. They make a great gift too!

If you’re looking for a great one-of-a-kind gift this holiday season or you need a fresh, new craft activity for parties, events, or lessons, then these Custom Photo Snow Globes are perfect for you. And with our 5 free custom photo snow globe templates, all you have to do is upload a picture or type a message, print, cut and you’re done.

Of course, anyone can simply put a photo into the snow globe and be done, but we thought it would be more fun to get creative. That’s why we created 5 different free custom photo snow globe templates to choose from. You can even choose two patterns such as a photo snowman and a message to let kids get crafty and creative as they write and decorate their snow globes.

Use our custom photo snow globe templates for a craft activity. Then you’ll have a one-of-a-kind decoration and present.

There are many ways to get creative when making your custom photo snow globe. The great thing about these snow globes is that there’s no mess. Simply remove the bottom cover and insert the foam sandwiched between two images, replace the bottom cover, and enjoy your original snowy scene.

We also saw some cool snow globe craft ideas over at the SSWW Blog. We really like the creative aspect of these. If you’re thinking about making a custom photo snow globe with kids as young as 3 years old, however, it might be best to choose a simpler route. That’s why we created these super easy templates.

5 Types of Free Custom Photo Snow Globe Templates

Our snow globe templates are so easy that even a 3-year-old can make and enjoy a custom photo snow globe. For example, if you have a great photo that you want to use, then you can use our standard photo snow globe template. After you download the free template PDF, simply click and insert the images on page one. After that, the images are automatically cropped to the exact size of the foam insert. But if you want to make an even more festive snow globe, take a look at our other three templates which are sure to be a hit!Don’t forget to order your custom photo snow globes here.

Custom Snow Globe Template 1: Standard Photo Snow Globe

custom photo snow globe template 1

Sometimes simple is best. That’s why we created a template that allows you to easily drop in pictures and print out the images in the exact size with an outline to conveniently cut.

Custom Snow Globe Template 2: Snowboys and Snowgirls

custom photo snow globe template 2

Have you ever wondered what you look like as a snowman? With this snow globe template, you just drop in the photos on page one of the PDF and print page two which has the faces converted into snowboys and snowgirls. Another great part of this template is that kids can color and decorate themselves as snowmen. Don’t forget to add buttons and arms. The carrot nose is optional.

Custom Snow Globe Template 3: Kid Presents

snow globe template 3

All children love presents, and with our snow globe template 3, the kids actually become the presents. This is a great template if the kids are planning to give the custom photo snow globe to a family member as a present. You can even use the snow globe template 4 below to write a custom message for the opposite side of the foam insert.

Custom Snow Globe Template 4: Custom message

snow globe template 4

With snow globe template 4,  you can type a message on page one, and it gets duplicated 12 times on page 2. This is great if you want to make custom photo snow globes  with many kids. Combining this template with one of the previous templates on the opposite side will give you a one-of-a-kind snow globe to treasure for years to come.

Custom Snow Globe Template 5: Gingerbread Kids

snow globe template 5

With snow globe template 5,  your can make delicious looking gingerbread kids in your custom snow globes.

Supplies required to make a custom photo snow globe

There are very few supplies required to make a custom photo snow globe, but using our 5free templates with a digital camera and printer will provide several variations to choose from.

snow globe supplies

**Templates require Acrobat Reader (Free). They may not be compatible with any other PDF viewing software. BINGOBONGO Learning is not responsible for any problems arising due to software incompatibility.

Download Adobe Reader here for free.

acrobat get242.77

How to use our free snow globe template to make a snow globe

A custom photo snow globe can be made in minutes once the photos have been prepared. Using our templates makes the process even faster and easier. If you are making a snow globe as a craft activity for a party, lesson, or event, then make sure to leave some extra time to get creative while decorating the photos.

Step 1 – Take photos (or write a message) and prepare the photo templates.

Take a photo of each person making a custom photo snow globe. After you select your favorite templates, download and open them with Adobe Reader. Follow the instructions in each template and print page 2.

**Remember that the PDF must be printed at 100% scale to get the correct dimensions for the snow globe.**

custom photo snow globe tutorial 23

custom photo snow globe tutorial 22

custom photo snow globe tutorial 21

Step 2 – Cut the photos and decorate

After printing the templates with your photos, cut each image and decorate with crayons, stickers, glitter, etc. If you used template 4, then trace over the letters and decorate.

custom photo snow globe tutorial 17

custom photo snow globe tutorial 18

custom photo snow globe tutorial 19

Step 3 – Insert the photos into the custom snow globe

Remove the bottom of each custom photo snow globe and take out the foam insert. Using a little clear tape (or glue), attach a photo to each side of the foam insert. Finally, insert the foam into the snow globe and replace the bottom. Give it a shake and watch the original winter scene you’ve just created.

custom photo snow globe tutorial 16

custom photo snow globe tutorial 14

custom photo snow globe tutorial 13

custom photo snow globe tutorial 12

Custom photo snow globes are so much fun!

photo snow globes three colors

Using our 5 free templates, making custom photo snow globes is as easy as 1, 2, 3! If you’re looking for some fun interactive activities to do in your online lessons, Christmas parties, or events, then you’ll love these 7 free interactive Christmas games and activities. You can also download other Christmas printable posters, flashcards, or worksheets for the best ESL/EFL Christmas lessons.

christmas flashcards and printables

If you need a great 3D Christmas card craft to go along with your snow globe, don’t miss our super popular 3D Reindeer Christmas cards.

3d reindeer christmas cards

How to make a 3D Reindeer card!

Practice the vocabulary with the Christmas Song!

Use this song to help students learn more vocabulary associated with Christmas. It’s great to play on a loop for background music as you make the Christmas Present Shooting Game.

Need more great ideas for fun and easy classroom crafts?

Check out all these cool activities and crafts that are not only quick and easy to make, but also super fun for students.

Any of the activities above combined with BINGOBONGO Sticktionaries create super fun lessons that students will never forget!

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