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BINGOBONGO Learning FREE FLashcards worksheets and games

School/Institution FUN!box Membership with 25 Student Accounts

$240 / year

With this membership plan, you’ll get complete access to all of BINGOBONGO Learning’s interactive games and teaching tools in the FUN!box, GO!Zone, and anywhere else on the site. This plan also includes 25 free student accounts and download access to our complete library of printable and downloadable files in our Downloadable Curriculum Packs (over 7000 files included).

Whether you teach in the classroom, online, or somewhere in between, this membership plan will give you everything you need to teach fun and effective lessons with the least amount of prep time.

License Agreement: Any school, facility, online teaching company, or other entity that has 2 or more teachers is required to purchase this license with the ABC FUN!box.

Login Limits: Members of this plan can be logged in to up to five devices at any given time. After 5 device logins, the oldest logged-in session will be logged off.

Usage of materials: Resources may be used in for-profit lessons, in classrooms or in online lessons. As stated in our terms and conditions, however, resources may not be altered, repackaged in a new curriculum, or resold.


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Unlimited access to all BINGOBONGO Resources for you and 25 students!

The School/Institution membership includes 25 free student accounts and is a great choice for teachers and schools that want high-quality resources requiring the least amount of lesson prep time possible. Not only do you get unlimited access to all BINGOBONGO resources (FUN!box, GO!Zone, Downloadable Curriculum Packs), but your students will also have access to all the interactive games and videos for an exciting and effective English education experience.

What’s included in this membership?

The School/Institution membership has all the features and benefits as described in the FUN!box Membership Plans page here PLUS it now comes with 25 student memberships for free (over $900 value).

A one-year FUN!box membership for a teacher and 25 student accounts combined with download access to over 7000 files in 10 Downloadable Curriculum Packs would cost over $1400 if purchased separately. But you can take advantage of the School/Institution membership, and get it all for over 80% off!

How do I set up and manage the student accounts?

Setting up and managing the student accounts couldn’t be easier. When purchasing the School/Institution membership, you will create a Class/School Name to manage your student accounts. After that, we will do the rest. Within 48 hours, we will send you a list of 25 usernames and passwords that you can assign to your students as you like.

How do I renew the student memberships?

All memberships will automatically renew with each renewal of the School/Institution membership payment. You can cancel at any time and the School/Institution membership and all Student memberships will end at the end of the membership period (one year after the signup or renewal date).

What if I have more that 25 students?

If you need more student accounts,  you can purchase them here. We will take care of the rest and set up additional accounts and add them to your plan. You can always contact us anytime with any questions about the technical stuff or adding more student accounts.

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