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Light-up Ghosts | Super Easy Halloween Kids Crafts

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These light-up ghosts make super cheap, fast, and fun Halloween crafts for kids!

Kids Halloween crafts are the most important part of any Halloween event, party, or English lesson. And these light-up ghosts are our new favorite Halloween craft to make in our lessons. Not only are they cute and decorative, but they can be made for less than $2 and take less than ten minutes to make. They are the perfect way to brighten up everyone’s Halloween experience.

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Light-up Ghost Halloween Craft

Fun Halloween Activity Ghosts with lights

Light-up Ghosts Supplies List

Supplies to make light-up ghost

  • Googly eyes (or black marker to draw on eyes)

  • Paper clip to make the loop to hang the ghost from (not pictured)

How to Make Light-Up Ghosts

After you find a good light source, the ghosts are super easy to make. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Prepare the materials and add the arms

The rubber egg light is soft with small holes, so it’s easy to push the pipe cleaner through to make the arms.

Prepare the supplies and put in the arms

Step 2: Add the loop to hang the light-up ghosts

Next, you can use a paperclip, thin wire, or fishing line to make a loop on the top of the light. This is where the ghosts hang from. (Be sure to push any sharp edges of wire back inside the egg to keep it safe for young kids.)

Add the loop to hang the ghost

Step 3: Prepare the ghost body

We cut the bottom off our bags when we make these, but feel free to experiment and get creative. We also cut off the top corners and make a V-shape in the middle so that the arms and paperclip loop can easily slip out of the bag.

make the ghost body

cut the arms and loop hole

Step 4: Add the eyes (and face)

Time for the googly eyes. Or you can try drawing a more elaborate face with markers.

Add eyes to your light-up ghost

Step 5: Get the ghost ready to hang

Now you can add another piece of pipe cleaner to the top to hang the ghost. (Fishing line is a great alternative if you don’t want the string to be visible.)

hang your ghost with string or pipe cleaner

Step 6: Your light-up ghost is finished!

Enjoy playing with your light-up ghosts or hanging them as cute Halloween decorations.

Enjoy your finished light-up ghost

Brighten up your Halloween experience with light-up ghosts!

Halloween Crafts for events and parties

These ghosts aren’t the only things that light up on Halloween. Watch kids’ faces also light up with excitement as they make and play with these cool crafts. We encourage everyone to get creative and see what kind of new, spooky light-up ghosts you can come up with.

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