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Super Easy Marshmallow Cereal Shape Snacks Recipe & Lesson Plan

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Delicious Fun in Your Next English Class with Our Super Easy Marshmallow Cereal Shape Snacks Recipe

Marshmallow Cereal Shape Snackers

Marshmallow Cereal Shape Snacks Make an ESL Lesson a Treat!

Looking for a way to put some more fun into your English lesson? In our English school in Japan, we always do a fun craft or activity every fourth lesson. These “special lessons” are a great way to get students to practice using real English in fun situations. Kids always look forward to these activities, and the special lesson serves as a reward for their good behavior.

For our last special lesson, we made these Super Easy Marshmallow Cereal Shape Snacks and they were a hit! They’re also a great way to practice the vocabulary for shapes and cooking. Today we’ll show you how to make these fun Rice Krispies Treats alternatives. This method allows students to each make their own Marshmallow Cereal Shape Snack and the whole process only takes a few minutes. In Japan, we couldn’t find Rice Krispies, so we used corn flakes, but any cereal will work. Try it out with your favorite cereal and see the results for yourself!

Measuring Cereal for shape snacks

Mixing for marshmallow cereal shape snacks

What You’ll Need

  • A resealable bag (such as Ziploc)

  • A microwavable bowl

  • A spoon

  • Cookie cutters

  • Two sheets of wax paper

  • About 2g of butter

  • Two large marshmallows

  • A kitchen scale

  • 20g of cereal (We used cornflakes, but most kinds of cereal should be fine.)

  • A microwave

  • Toppings (such as chocolate chips, colorful sprinkles, or small candies)

How to make your Marshmallow Cereal Shape Snacks

This recipe is awesome not just because it makes such delicious treats, but because it’s also so easy and can be done in under 10 minutes!

Step 1

Each student asks for their supplies. If necessary, pre-teach them the phrases they need to know such as “Can I have a bowl please?”

cornflakes for marshmallow cereal shape snacks

Step 2

Weigh out the cereal and put it in the bag. If you’re in a hurry, you can measure out the cereal before class. Close the bag, making sure to squeeze out the air as much as possible so that the bag doesn’t burst. Lightly crush the cereal until the pieces are roughly the size of grains of rice. Do not crush the cereal into a powder.

crushed cereal for marshmallow cereal shape snacks

Step 3

Put the butter and the marshmallows in a bowl and microwave until the marshmallows grow to three times their original size. Depending on the power of your microwave, this can take from 15-30 seconds.

Marshmallow and butter mix

Step 4

Carefully take out the bowl and mix the marshmallow and butter together with a spoon. Take care, the mixture can be very hot. Quickly add the cereal and slowly mix it into a ball before the mixture sets. If the mixture sets too early, you can microwave it a little more.

Mixing the marshmallow cereal shape snacks

Step 5

Drop the mixture into a cookie cutter on wax paper and cover with the second piece of wax paper. Firmly press the mixture down into the shape of the cookie cutter.

shape snack

Step 6

Carefully push the Marshmallow Cereal Shape Snack out of the cookie cutter and top with your favorite toppings. Chocolate chips, colored sprinkles, and candy balls are all great!

toppings for shape snack

Step 7

Eat the snacks together or take them home in the bag.

kids enjoying marshmallow cereal shape snacks

Marshmallow Cereal Shape Snackers are perfect for any lesson or event!

If you need a simple cooking activity to do in your English class, then you should make Super Easy Marshmallow Cereal Shape Snacks. They’re easy and delicious, which gives you more time to enjoy them!
We even made them with our 4 and 5-year-old students, to great success. Of course, we helped with the difficult parts, but they had a blast smashing, mixing and making the shapes.
We hope your students enjoy making and eating these as much as ours!

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