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BINGOBONGO Sticktionaries – EFL/ESL Sticker Reward System/Review Activity2022-11-01T17:53:49+09:00

BINGOBONGO Sticktionaries (Free Card Download)

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Download BINGOBONGO Sticktionaries and start using ESL stickers in your lesson plans from beginning to end!

Most teachers use stickers to reward students at the end of class or after completing a homework assignment, but have you ever considered using stickers at the beginning of lessons? Or what if they could be used as a tool to motivate students to speak more and communicate in English? BINGOBONGO Sticktionaries let teachers use stickers as more than a way to reward students. In fact, they can be used in many different ways which are explained in detail in this article. 

How to use BINGOBONGO Sticktionaries:

1. For each student, download and print a Sticktionary card double-sided and laminate. (It’s free to download for registered users.)

2. Purchase one sheet of BINGOBONGO Stickers associated with the Sticktionary card per student.

3. Reward students with stickers for good behavior, completed homework, or curriculum achievements.

4. When students get all the stickers on their card, we recommend giving a reward such as a pack of Battle Eggs Pet Cards. After that, it becomes a valuable sticker dictionary that students can use for years and years.

5. (Optional) Give students stickers in random order and reward them when they get 5 stickers in a row in the gray BINGO boxes.

6. After completing a level, students should move on to the next level Sticktionary card. Even though the stickers may be the same, the target grammar is new and students will always be excited for the new challenges.

Note: You can use Sticktionaries for a fun warm-up or lesson activity using the suggested grammar points on the back of each Sticktionary card. Or you can think of your own original ways to use Sticktionaries in English lesson plans!

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