Our New Online Digital Flashcards Are the “Perfect Flashcards” You’ve Been Looking For!

If you’ve ever seen BINGOBONGO Learning’s super popular printable ESL/EFL English flashcard packs, then you know how cute and fun they are! Well, we’re now happy to introduce the new Flashcards from our Digital Interactive Language Learning System (DILLS). DILLS resources such as flashcards, storybooks, and other ESL/EFL resources are perfect for a wide range of teaching applications! Students love the cute, fun, and interactive nature of the DILLS resources, while teachers will love the fact that there’s no app necessary, and no printing or preparation time involved. If you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer, then you can start using DILLS Flashcards right away.

The first set of DILLS Flashcards is based on the vocabulary from our FUN!book 1, Super Easy ABCs and 123s. We also have more flashcards on the way for sight words, verbs, and adjectives from our FUN!book2, Verbs & Sight Words! There’s even a new feature coming soon where you can choose the flashcards to create your own custom DILLS Flashcard packs!

Design your own Perfect Flashcards with DILLS Flashcards

There’s no arguing that flashcards are an important and necessary resource for teaching English in ESL/EFL classes. They’re useful for learning new vocabulary, reviewing old vocabulary, and playing games. From our own personal experience, however, we know that there’s no such thing as Perfect Flashcards (at least for printed flashcards.) Maybe you wish your flashcards had plural forms (cats) instead of singular forms (cat), or indefinite articles (a cat) attached rather than only the word itself (cat). Or maybe you prefer flashcards with the words written in uppercase rather than lowercase letters. It’s safe to assume that there are many ways to teach English, which is why no single flashcard style can meet the needs of all teachers.

But that’s not true for DILLS Flashcards. Any teacher can customize the settings to build their own “Perfect Flashcards.” These digital, interactive, online flashcards are packed with options to make teaching English super easy, super fun, and super exciting.

DILLS Flashcards Options

1. Choose Your Own Content

choose your own content DILLS flashcards

try it out with these settings

Do you prefer flashcards with only a picture? Or maybe you want only a word? How about a target sentence or target question? With DILLS Flashcards, you decide what’s on the flashcard!

2. Touch and Talk for Perfect Pronunciation

Touch and talk digital speaking DILLS Flashcards

Touch any of the pictures, words, or YES/NO answer boxes to hear the audio in a native speaker’s voice. In addition, the audio changes based on the settings such as singular/plural forms and sentence/question patterns.

3. Singular Forms or Plural Forms

singular or plural options online free flashcards

With the flip of a switch, you can instantly change the picture from singular to plural. Not only that, but the target words, target sentences, and target questions also change.

4. “A/an” (or numbers)  or Just the Words

indefinite article flashcards

try it out with these settings
Some teachers prefer flashcards with “a/an” (a cat) and some prefer just the word (cat). Luckily DILLS Flashcards have them both. Plus, in the mode with “a/an” attached, you can hear the audio of the word’s pronunciation. In the other mode, you can hear the spelling of the word.

5. Uppercase or Lowercase Target Words

uppercase lowercase small capital letter digital flashcards

There has always been a debate regarding which is better to teach first, uppercase or lowercase. Now you can have both patterns on the same flashcard.

6. Sentence Practice or Question/Answer practice

no-app oneline digital DILLS flashcards (7)

try it out with these settings

Once students learn the words, you can take it one step further and practice using the vocabulary in sentences or questions. Just flip the switch to toggle between sentence-mode or question-mode. These are great for practicing reading and conversation skills.

7. No Printing, No Apps, No Fees

save time and money with online DILLS flashcards

Think of all the time and money you can save by using DILLS Flashcards. Just select the links and instantly turn your screen into a set of flashcards to give your English lessons a new dimension of fun. Don’t forget to tell students and parents about the links to the flashcards and get them studying at home.

This is just the beginning of DILLS free online teaching resources, so check back soon to see the new additions.

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