online esl christmas games part 2

Get ready for even more online ESL Christmas Games!

In our first article about free Christmas activities, 7 Free Interactive Christmas Games and Activities for Teaching Online Lessons, we introduced interactive PDF games that are a game-changer in EFL/ESL English lessons. In this article, we focus on 10 engaging online ESL Christmas games and activities from BINGOBONGO Learning’s GoZone.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the GoZone is a comprehensive online resource library designed for ESL/EFL educators. It offers a wide range of instantly accessible and customizable teaching materials, including worksheets, flashcards, games, and tutorial videos, to facilitate dynamic and efficient lesson planning.

The 10 online Christmas games and activities below are ready to use, but you can also customize them to add or remove vocabulary as needed. Perfect for both physical classrooms and online learning environments, these games promise to spice up your holiday lessons with fun and learning.

10 Online ESL Christmas Games and Activities

1. Christmas Digital Flashcards

christmas digital flashcards

Dive into the world of Christmas vocabulary with these dynamic digital flashcards. Ideal for introducing festive words or reinforcing previous lessons, these flashcards are visually appealing and interactive, making them a hit among young learners. They serve as a great tool for both warm-up activities and vocabulary reviews.

2. Christmas Spelling with ABC EGG-Splorers

christmas abc eggsplorers spelling game

Combine the excitement of Christmas with the challenge of spelling in this online ESL Christmas game. This game is not only fun but also educational, enhancing students’ spelling and vocabulary related to the holiday season. It’s an interactive way to engage students in learning new words while celebrating the festive spirit.

3. Christmas Chaos Cups

christmas chaos cups game

A modern twist on the classic cup-and-ball game. Students will love the challenge of tracking Christmas items hidden under cups that are shuffled at sometimes chaotic speeds. This game is excellent for developing students’ concentration and observation skills, all wrapped in a fun, festive package.

4. Christmas Memory Game (Concentration)

christmas concentration memory game

Test and improve memory skills with this classroom classic known by name names such as Memory, Matching Pairs, Match Match, Match Up, Pelmanism, Pexeso or simply Pairs. This Christmas-themed memory game is not only a fun activity but also a great way to reinforce vocabulary learning. Students will enjoy finding pairs of matching Christmas cards, enhancing their memory and recall abilities in the process.

5. Christmas Guess the Pic

christmas guess the pictures game

A guessing game that challenges students to identify partially hidden Christmas images. This game is perfect for stimulating students’ imagination and critical thinking skills. It’s a fun way to engage students in vocabulary practice, as they guess and learn new words associated with Christmas.

6. Online ESL Christmas Game: I-Spy

christmas i spy activity

This interactive game invites students to spot specific items within a larger Christmas-themed image. It’s an excellent way to develop students’ attention to detail and vocabulary related to the festive season. The game can be adapted for various difficulty levels, making it suitable for all ages.

7. Christmas Typing/Speaking Practice (Key-POP!)

christmas typing practice keypop

A versatile game that can be used for both typing and speaking practice. This activity helps students improve their language skills in a fun, Christmas-themed context. Whether it’s typing out Christmas words or speaking them aloud, students will enjoy the interactive and festive nature of this game.

8. Christmas Listening Practice (Listen and Find)

christmas listen and find game

Enhance listening skills with Christmas-themed audio cues. Students listen to Christmas-related sounds or words and match them with corresponding images. It’s an engaging way to develop auditory skills while immersing students in the holiday spirit.

9. Christmas Secret Squares

christmas secret squares

A game of mystery and discovery, where students guess what Christmas image is hidden behind squares. Each correct guess reveals a part of the image, adding to the excitement. It’s a fantastic way to engage students in vocabulary practice and deductive reasoning.

10. Christmas BINGO (Word Spinout)

christmas roulette spinner game

A classic game with a Christmas twist. This BINGO game is not only fun but also a great educational tool for learning Christmas vocabulary. It encourages students to listen attentively and recognize words, making it a perfect activity for language development and holiday fun.

Make it a great New Year with the GoZone!

chrismtas games in the gozone

The GoZone is not only a valuable resource for Christmas-themed lessons but also an incredibly versatile tool for any teaching occasion. Its fast and flexible nature makes it an ideal choice for educators looking to save time and streamline their lesson planning. As we step into the New Year, consider making it your resolution to utilize the GoZone more frequently. Embrace the efficiency and adaptability it offers, and transform the way you approach teaching. The GoZone is your key to a more efficient and enjoyable teaching experience all year round!

Find even more great Christmas resources or make your own in the GoZone!