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BINGOBONGO Learning has a huge assortment of ESL/EFL games including printable games, interactive PDF games, and online games. All of our games have been created to maximize the educational value with fun! Read about each of our games below and find your favorite BINGOBONGO Games for your next English lesson, events, or rainy day activity.

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Spell Words and Collect Pets in ABC EGGSplorers!

There is no other spelling game that comes close to the level of excitement found in ABC EGGSplorers. Players can make their own personalized profiles and pick up where they leave off every time they return. With over 100 levels, over 1000 spelling words, and 100 pets to collect, this is the ultimate spelling game that kids will never get tired of. Best of all, it’s 100% free. (There is an option to pay to unlock levels faster for those in a hurry to get more pets!)

Don’t forget about the parent/teacher version which allows you to jump to any level in the game. It’s perfect for reviewing vocabulary and teaching spelling in the classroom.

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Play ABC CHOMP! to master phonics and build vocabulary!

ABC CHOMP! is an original online game by BINGOBONGO Games. After students try to find the words that are spelled out in the memory game, they move on to the CHOMP! round. In this round they have to decide if the characters can eat the words that come out on the sushi train. If the word starts with the same letter as the character, then it’s OK to eat it!

ABC CHOMP! is easy enough for 2 and 3-year-olds to play, but fun enough for anyone learning phonics or the vocabulary from the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum Level 1.

battle eggs card game

BATTLE EGGS is the Ultimate Brain Battle Game for ESL/EFL

Once your students get their hands on BATTLE EGGS Pet Cards and Battle Cards, there’s no stopping them…from learning colors, emotions, numbers, spelling, months, hobbies, weather, and all 35 vocabulary words contained in each level. Best of all, students will never suspect it’s an education-focused game.

To play BATTLE EGGS, each student has their own Pet Deck. They then use these pets to battle for the community vocabulary cards in the Battle Deck. Students can win the Battle Cards by correctly spelling the words on the cards or by playing their pets in Pet Battles. And if a BATTLE EGG card gets drawn, get ready for a multiplayer Pet Battle for even more points.

Battle Eggs can be learned in minutes and played for years thanks to the increasing level of difficulty of Pet Decks. Check out this How-to-play video to see for your self.

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Download CHOMP MAN! as a great interactive Hangman alternative!

Hangman is one of the most popular games ever in classrooms around the world. And now you can play our chalk-free version, CHOMP MAN!, without any preparation. Just touch the letters on the screen to see if they are on the word board. If the letter isn’t in the word, watch out! Ari the Alligator will appear to CHOMP your chances of winning.

There are dozens of word categories ready to go with uppercase/lowercase and easy/hard mode depending on what style of play is best for your class. Try this pack for free. Don’t forget that members of our Monthly Resources Download club get unlimited download access to all interactive PDF games and activities in our library. Plus, we release over 20 new resources each month that members get instant access to!

snake race and bingo games

Don’t forget popular printable games like Snake Race & BINGO!

It’s always a good idea to have a proper balance of printable games and digital games. That’s why the games, Snake Race and BINGO, over at our sister site, are great. There are dozens of topics including food, school supplies, colors, Halloween, Christmas, and more!

Just find the topic you want to practice and download the free BINGO cards, Snake Race cards (like Snakes and Ladders) and a whole lot more. It’s a great resource for all your printable game and flashcard needs.

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Get More Out of Online Lessons with Interactive PDF Games!

Our Interactive PDF Games are powerful tools for online lessons. They can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device and used to generate excitement in lessons. There is a wide selection of games and activities that are sure to be a hit. These games can also be used in traditional classrooms equipped with computers, tablets, TVs, or projectors.