3d reindeer Christmas cards

These cute and simple reindeer Christmas Cards are perfect for any lesson or event!

Kids love making things which is why making crafts is such a great activity for ESL/EFL English lessons. At our English school in Japan, Step by Step Eikaiwa, we especially love crafts that are cheap, easy, and can be made in ten minutes or less. For our upcoming Christmas lessons, we found a great idea for a reindeer Christmas card from Easy Peasy and Fun, and added a little twist. We decided to make them 3D, boosting the fun and cute factor.

Since we can prepare and make these 3D reindeer Christmas Cards quickly and easily, it gives us the freedom to do a few other things in our Christmas lessons. In addition to making these cards, we’ll sing some Christmas songs, make a reindeer Christmas treat, and even study some Christmas vocabulary. There’s a great set of Christmas cards, worksheets, and games we highly recommend at www.free-flashcards-download.com.

kids love 3d reindeer Christmas cards

easy to make 3d reindeer Christmas Cards Crafts

3D Reindeer Christmas Cards Supplies List

supplies needed for 3d reindeer christmas card

  • Construction paper for the background (we like green on white)
    *You can optionally print out the back of the card (PDF Download)

  • Brown construction paper (for the head)

  • Yellow or orange construction paper (for the antlers)

  • White dot stickers (for snow)

  • Scissors

  • Googly eyes, printed eyes, or black marker

  • Stapler

  • Double-sided tape dispenser

  • Colored puff ball (red if you make Rudolph)

How to Make 3D Reindeer Christmas Cards

You probably already have the materials in your classroom or house. Once you have everything ready to go, follow the steps below to make your own super cute 3D reindeer Christmas cards.

Step 1: Write the message on the back of the Christmas card

You can print out our template (PDF download) or get creative and make your own design by hand. Just remember that this should be completed before making the 3D reindeer since it will be hard to write on the back after the head is attached. We like to tape green paper to white paper for a stronger card.

3d reindeer Christmas Card instructions

3d reindeer Christmas Card instructions

Step 2: Make the reindeer head and attach it to the card

The reindeer head is made by stapling the top of the dark brown triangle to the base. After that, add double-sided tape to the card and attach the reindeer head. (You can use glue if you want, but we like double-sided tape because it’s clean, fast, and easy.

3d reindeer make the head

attach the 3d reindeer body

Step 3: Add the antlers and snow to the card

Cut long strips from the yellow paper and use double-sided tape to attach it to the card behind the reindeer head. You can use white stickers to add snow in the background.

put tape on the antlers

attaching the 3d reindeer antlers

Step 4: Add the eyes and nose

Now it’s time to add the eyes. You can use small googly eyes, printed and cut eyes, or draw eyes on with a marker. Just remember that the eyes are the most important part. Without them, you’ll have no-eye-deer what it is!
Finally, add the nose with double-sided tape or glue.

add the snow

3D Reindeer Christmas Cards will fill your events with holiday cheer

The finished 3D reindeer Christmas card

Be sure to get creative when making these 3D reindeer Christmas cards. We like to make them together with a reindeer snack as we sing some Christmas songs, especially songs about that famous red-nosed reindeer!

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