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English Reading Word Spinners (~ug lowercase)

English Reading Word Spinners are one of the best tools for teaching children and ESL students how to read, write, and understand phonics. These colorful word spinners are even better than fidget spinners because students can enjoy making them. Teachers can enjoy them because they’re educational.

This English Reading Word Spinner features words that have the pattern, ~ug lowercase.
hug, mug, jug, rug, bug


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Free ESL Worksheet Activity: English Reading Word Spinners (~ug lowercase)

Download our free worksheet craft called English Reading Word Spinners, and teach reading, writing, and English phonics with ease. Children will have a blast making their very own English Word Spinners which they can use again and again to master spelling their favorite words.

Making the English Reading Word Spinners is easy. Just print out the color or black-and-white version, cut along the dotted lines, and attach the two pieces with a brad or a rivet. We recommend a rivet for safety and durability. For an even stronger word spinner, laminate the pieces before attaching them.

After making the English Reading Word Spinners, make sure to have students read the words and write them on the front of the word spinner.
Here’s a cool video to see how to make an English Reading Word Spinner and see it in action!

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