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ABCs 123s Stickers (60 stickers from FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s)

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ABCs 123s Stickers for ESL/ESL Classes (60 stickers from FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s)

BINGOBONGO Learning’s ABCs and 123s stickers are the perfect way to reward students and review the ABCs and 123s in lessons. Each sheet of stickers has 60 cute, colorful stickers with images from our Super Easy ABCs & 123s Writing Practice and Phonics FUN!book. There’s a matching letter and picture for each letter of the alphabet, plus numbers from 1 to 8.

We recommend getting one set per student and giving out stickers as a reward or a way to motivate students! You can even use the stickers in your lessons plans when using the Stick-tionary Reward/Review System.


ABCs 123s Stickers for ESL/ESL Classes

Size: A4, 60 stickers
Paper: Glossy sticker paper
Printing: Offset
Useful for: Stick-tionary Reward/Review System (a card students can use to collect stickers and review vocabulary)

Download the Free Stick-tionary cards below or order them together with stickers above!

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Stickers only, Stickers + Stick-tionary Cards


1 page, 20 pages (10% off), 50 pages (20% off)

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