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Pet Deck (15 cards)

$ 5

Order this regulation Pet Deck now, and you’ll get 15 cute and colorful pets (out of the 100 total) found in the hit EFL/ESL card game, Battle Eggs! Each Pet Deck also has 1 or 2 rare, reflective rainbow cards that are much stronger than the other colors of pets. If you collect all 100 Pet Cards, then you’ll be able to create any custom Pet Deck you like to have a greater advantage when battling with friends.

Once you have  one regulation Pet Deck per player and one Battle Deck for everyone to share, you’ll be ready to start playing Battle Eggs right away. You’ll be amazed how fast players master colors, numbers, math, spelling, phonics, reading, writing, months, days of the week, emotions, weather, hobbies, food, and more!

For a limited time, any order containing 10 or more Battle Deck Box Sets can get 30% off all Battle Eggs products in the order!

(Offer only valid for orders within Japan. Contact us to get your discount code prior to ordering!)

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Regulation Pet Decks for the EFL/ESL Card Game, Battle Eggs!

Battle Eggs Pet Deck with 15 cards and rare foil rainbow.

The Pet Cards found in Battle Eggs are especially popular with young learners who are captivated by the cute and colorful characters, each with a fascinating profile. There are 10 types of pets and 10 colors (including the rare, reflective rainbow color), and students use these Pet Cards during Pet Battles.

Features of Pet Cards in the EFL/ESL card game, Battle Eggs

battle eggs pet card features

The profiles of all the Pet Cards are full of valuable information such as:

  • Pet Name (read backwards for a surprise)
  • Pet Power Points (PPP)
  • Pet Type
  • Birthday
  • Pet Shape Power (used in battles)
  • Pet Weather Power (used in battles)
  • Favorite Food or Drink
  • Hobby/Interest

These are all useful topics for kids to learn, especially ESL and EFL students studying English! The more students play with these Pet Cards and advance through the various levels of Battle Decks (sold here), the faster they will learn all of the new vocabulary found in each pet’s profile.

Learn through play with Battle Eggs Pet Cards!

Teachers and parents around the world know how valuable learning through play is for children’s education. And so do the creators of Battle Eggs. Once you see the reaction of kids as they play Battle Eggs, you’ll realize why it’s such powerful tool for teachers and parents to encourage children to learn through play.

Another unique element of Battle Eggs that other games lack, is that making mistakes is highly encouraged! Everyone learns from their mistakes, so the sooner players can recognize their weaknesses, the faster they’ll learn. Players will occasionally make mistakes when answering questions found in Battle Eggs, but whenever that happens, players can use their Pet Cards to battle and help win back lost points.

How to play Battle Eggs

The concept of Battle Eggs is incredibly simple. For each player’s turn, draw a card from the Battle Deck in the middle of the table and ask a question about the card to the player on the left. If that player can answer the question, they get to keep the card (and its points).

If the player makes a mistake, however, all players get to have a Pet Battle to win the card. You can read the complete rules here or check out this how-to-play video.

Additional information

Card Case

Pet Deck + Case (small), Pet Deck only (no case)

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