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Christmas Flashcards – Toys 1 – Free ESL Printable Flashcards

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Download this free ESL printable flashcard pack to teach your students 8 Christmas-themed toy words. These flashcards are great for teaching students how to tell what presents they want for Christmas! The words included in this pack are: puzzle, video game, board game, doll, ball, plastic model, blocks, and yo-yo.

Suited for beginners and young children, these free colorful and easy-to-understand flashcards help your students to learn, and they make preparation for busy Christmas classes and events a breeze!

If you’re looking for additional interactive games and activities to teach Christmas lessons online or in the classroom, don’t miss our list of 7 Free Interactive Christmas Games for Online Lessons.

free interactive christmas games and activities

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Christmas Flashcards – Toys 1 – Free ESL Printable Flashcards

Download this pack of Free ESL printable flashcards featuring 8 Christmas toys.

Teach your students how to say what presents they want from Santa for Christmas this year. You can also use these flashcards to teach students useful class phrases like “I want a (video game)” and “I like to play with (blocks)“. The 8 words included in this pack are: puzzle, video game, board game, doll, ball, plastic model, blocks, and yo-yo.

Once you download this pack you can use the flashcards right away! Just print them out, fold each page in half, and then laminate them and they’ll be ready for your very next class.

Here at BINGOBONGO we also have many fun and educational songs. Check them out here. And don’t forget to pick up more of our free worksheets and flashcards for the ultimate English lessons!

We have a ton of other Christmas resources to make your classes and events easier. Check out our Christmas resources. We also have a Christmas song that you can use to teach Christmas words: Christmas Time Song.

After you use these free printable flashcards, check out these other free Christmas crafts, games, and resources!

Try this year’s hottest winter gift craft: a Custom Photo Snow Globe!

Get ready for an all new kind of winter and holiday craft with our 4 Free Custom Photo Snow Globe Templates! Just download the PDFs, cut, color, decorate, and then slide them into our Snow Globes for a complete mess-free, easy, craft which doubles as an awesome gift!

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Need printable Christmas worksheets, flashcards, or a fun poster?

christmas flashcards and printables
Whether you use one or all of the free interactive Christmas games above, you’re sure to have a great time with students learning about Christmas. You can also check out our other sets of printable Christmas flashcards, our fun printable Christmas worksheets, a fun Christmas poster, and more!

What do you want for Christmas? Maybe you should make a present blaster and get toys!

christmas present targets

Make a simple plastic bottle shooter and blast Christmas presents!

Our Christmas Present Blaster Game is incredibly easy and super fun!

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