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11 Free How Are You Flashcards – Greetings, Feelings, Emotions


Get these super-popular free greetings and feelings flashcards from our ESL song for kids, Hello, How Are You?. There are 11 flashcards total which are great for teaching emotions and feelings, such as good, hungry, great and busy. Students can also practice the greetings, “Hello,” “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” “Good evening,” and “Goodnight.”

These free flashcards will make your English lessons the most popular classes around with students of any age!

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Hello How Are You Flashcards (Feelings, emotions, greetings)

Start every lesson with How Are You Flashcards

Our Hello How Are You Flashcards are cute, simple, and fun for kids. They teach young EFL/ESL learners important expression such as the greetings, “Hello,” “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” “Good evening,” and “Goodnight.” They also teach students how to ask and answer the question, “How are you?” They will quickly be able to answer, “I’m good,” “I’m hungry,” “I’m busy,” “I’m sleepy,” and “I’m great!”

Other great resources to practice greetings, feelings, and emotions

In addition to our Hello How Are You Flashcards, we have a great selection of resources you can take advantage of to plan fun and exciting lessons.

How Are You Poster

009 talking poster emotions thumb

This is a Talking Poster which means students can scan the speech bubbles to hear the words, questions, and answers. It’s a fun and interactive way to practice greetings, emotions, and feelings. This Hello How Are You Poster is laminated and available in various sizes. You can also purchase the data and print it yourself.

10 year ESL EFL curriculum

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Need even more emotions and feelings flashcards?

If you need even more flashcards to practice “How are you?”, you should check out this pack of 19 free emotions and feelings flashcards. The pictures are cute and easy for student to recognize and understand.

Hello How Are You Flashcards Greetings Emotions

Don’t forget to check out our Hello How Are You Song and Video

You can also find many fun and educational songs and videos on our YouTube channel. When you combine our Hello, How Are You? flashcards, posters, and songs, you’ll have all the tools you need for fun and exciting lessons every time.

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