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Frog on a Log – ESL Flashcard Pack

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Get the free ESL flashcard pack to go along with the BINGOBONGO Rock song, “Frog on a Log.” It’s the ultimate ESL song to master prepositions and expressions including, “There is” and “There are.” Our flashcards are cute, colorful, and, best of all, free!

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Frog on a Log – ESL Flashcard Pack

Download the free ESL flashcard pack for the song, Frog on a Log. This flashcard pack will help young ESL learners understand prepositions like in, on, under, and by. Students will also be able to learn the difference between “There is one frog” and “There are two frogs.” The cute song and video are guaranteed to help students learn these important phrases and never forget!

Here at BINGOBONGO we also have many fun and educational songs. Check them out at the link below. And don’t forget to pick up more of our free worksheets and flashcards for the ultimate English lessons!


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