Check out this List of 8 COOL PDF Interactive Games and Editable Flashcards

PDF Interactive Games

See how simple, convenient, and versatile these 8 PDF Interactive Games and Editable Flashcards are for yourself!

Have you ever seen PDF Interactive Games and Editable Flashcards? Neither had we! That’s why we decided to create our own. It turns out that PDF Interactives weren’t actually new, but we found a special use for them. You see, most teachers are always on the hunt for great flashcards and exciting games to use in English lessons around the world.

And now that so many teachers find themselves teaching online, there’s an even greater need for simple, convenient, and versatile ESL/EFL resources to help keep students engaged while learning with technology such as smartphones, tablets, and computer.

Luckily, BINGOBONGO Learning has created a new type of incredible educational resource: PDF Interactive Games and Editable Flashcards.They’re a part of the BINGOBONGO Digital Interactive Learning Library System (DILLS), and they make teaching English online and in the classroom super easy and super fun.

What makes PDF Interactive Games and Editable Flashcards so great?

There are so many reasons to love PDF Interactive Games and Flashcards. Here are a few of our favorite reasons.
1. They don’t require special apps, software, or memberships to use. (You only need the free Adobe Reader app)
2. They are small lightweight files, so they can be used easily in online lessons or in the classroom
3. You can fill in your own words and sentences to create custom sets of flashcards
4. Many of our games have several options which means you can use them with varying ages and levels
5. They’re interactive! Students love seeing the answers change during the lesson based on the conversation or activity
6. There are wide variety of games, flashcards, and resources which a great to use with all ages from babies to adults

Let’s introduce our favorite Editable PDF Interactive Games and Resources

1. ABC Phonics Flashcards

Our Interactive ABC Phonics Flashcards are not just flashcards, but they also have 6 game modes built in as well! Practice learning the vocabulary, spelling the words, focusing on vowels sounds, finding the first and last letters, or trying to guess if the words will appear in uppercase or lowercase in the “Surprise me” mode.

2. Editable Interactive Flashcards

These may seem simple at first, but once you realize that you can choose your own words, example sentences, and conversation questions, you’ll see why they’re perfect to use in all your lessons. You can even save the flashcards after you fill in the data in these PDF flashcards. Our favorite activity using these Editable Interactive Flashcards is asking students questions individually and then typing in their answers on the screen.

3. Spot the Difference PDF Interactive Games

Everyone loves trying to spot the differences in pictures, but now you can do it in your online lessons or classroom digitally! These BINGOBONGO-original Spot the Difference PDF Interactive Games have an adjustable timer (when used on PCs), a score board, and a cool touch feature to keep track of the differences once you find them. Our students can’t get enough of these. In fact, I don’t know how we got through lessons before we had these.

If you want even more cool interactive games, check out our PDF Interactive Kids Games page.

4. Adult Conversation Topic PDF Packs

When teaching adults, it’s important not only to have high-quality resources, but also to have topics that your students are interested in. Our Adult Conversation Topic PDF Packs accomplish both! They are filled with more than 10 activities including warm-up questions, multiple themed reading sections, Q & A sections, idioms, a true-false quiz, and much more!

Your students will definitely appreciate taking a break from talking about the news and their daily lives to talk about contemporary topics such as “Going Cashless” and “Nomophobia (fear of not having your mobile phone).”

5. PDF Interactive Games for young learners

We found that many apps and games don’t give teachers a chance to interact with students, which mean they miss out on valuable opportunities to get more communication practice. Our Easy PDF Interactive Games for Kids are just the opposite. They simple, engaging, and best of all, teachers can use them to create a fun and effective learning environment in online lessons or face-to-face lessons.


BONKERS Interactive Flashcards are exactly how they sound: BONKERS! Have tons of silly fun as you practice reading, writing, listening, speaking, and spelling. There are 3 levels of difficulty, a custom mode where you choose the content, and finally, BONKERS Mode. BONKERS Mode will randomly generate questions and answers for kids to practice.

Be warned, however, you may find yourself having to answer questions like, “How many pink airplanes do you have on your house?”

7. Editable PDF Interactive Teacher Tools

Need some great tools to add structure and routine to your lessons? These Editable PDF Interactive Teacher Tools were made exactly for that. You can easily take attendance, check the weather, or review days of the week with these fun, PDF Interactive resources. These are a must have for any online teacher.

8. Editable PDF Quiz Cards (True or False/Standard)

Take your lessons to the next level with Editable Interactive Quizzes and Editable Interactive True of False Quizzes. They’re simple to use. Just enter the questions and answer and then touch the “load” button. The questions and answers will be hidden, allowing you to show them one at a time before revealing the answers. We also regularly add our own quizzes based on the BBL Curriculum, so be sure to give those a shot, too!

Get PDF Interactive Games and Editable Flashcards Every Month!

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As the world is moving to online teaching, we’ve realized that we need to rethink our approach to education and online learning. Everyone agrees that a simple lesson is the best kind of lesson, which is why we’re going to continue to add fun and simple PDF Interactive Games and Editable Flashcards to our collection every month.

For teachers who want to use our newest PDF resources every month and save money, be sure to take advantage of our Monthly Resources Download Club to get unlimited access to all our PDF Resources, Worksheet Tutorials Resources or both for a fraction of the cost of downloading each of the resources separately.