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ChompMAN (Hangman-style) 24 PDF Game (Christmas 1 – Computer Version)


If you think Hangman is a great way of teaching spelling and phonics, you’re not alone! And now you can play our super-popular variation of this classic game called ChompMAN. It’s an interactive PDF game, so it’s even more exciting for kids and perfect to use on tablets in the classroom or in online lessons. And don’t worry, no one gets a noose around their neck in ChompMAN!

This special Christmas PDF pack of ChompMAN has the following 8 Christmas words: Santa, snowman, elf, candy cane, toys, tree, star, and bell.

Just make sure you don’t make too many mistakes or Ari the Alligator will appear and CHOMP your letters. If your students are more advanced, try the hard mode!

*Note: Due to the differences between Adobe Reader for computers and mobile devices, ChompMAN! can only be played on computers. We will have a mobile friendly version available soon.


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ChompMAN (Hangman-style) PDF Game 24 (Christmas 1)

Our original Interactive PDF Game called ChompMAN is based on our spelling app, ABC Chomp! and it’s perfect for all your lessons.
It’s an interactive PDF game with a new twist to the classic game, Hangman. When students play ChompMAN, they have to guess the letters to spell the words (grouped by colors, fruit, and other themes). If they make a mistake, a hungry character starts to appear. If the students make 10 mistakes, the students lose and the hungry character chomps through the letters.

We add 4 new ChompMAN packs to our library every month, so be sure to join our PDF Download Club and get access to all our awesome editable and interactive PDF games and activities.

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