BINGOBONGO Learning FREE Flashcards Worksheets and Games
BINGOBONGO Learning FREE FLashcards worksheets and games

Entire BINGOBONGO Downloadable Curriculum Access (Lifetime License) | FREE 1-year online games access (ABC FUN!box)


Get the complete EFL/ESL Downloadable Curriculum with a free 1-year ABC FUN!box membership for 50% off now!

Now you can teach the best online lessons, face-to-face lessons, or hybrid and blended-learning lessons when you purchase our Complete Downloadable EFL/ESL Curriculum! All 10 levels of the EFL/ESL Curriculum Packs will be available to download when you purchase this product. You will also get access to all new resources added to the download packs for one year.

And as a special bonus offer, you’ll get a one-year membership to our incredible Online Resource Library and Teaching Platform, the ABC FUN!box. The ABC FUN!box is loaded with online games and activities that will allow you to unlock even more educational potential when using our worksheets, videos, songs, and other resources found in the download packs.

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Download 400 lessons with over 6500 files to your computer to plan lessons faster! Then use them with the online games and resources in the ABC FUN!box to teach exciting blended, hybrid, or online lessons!

Although you can quickly find any resource in the ABC FUN!box, sometimes it’s just easier to download the printable files and supplementary resources to your own computer. EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs give you the freedom to do exactly that!

When you purchase this complete set of download packs, you’ll be able to download all 10 levels of the BINGOBONGO English curriculum. Each level has 40 lessons with hundreds of worksheets (and solutions), printable flashcards, printable games and activities, QR code lists for students and teachers, song and chant videos, and more! In total, you’ll have 400 lessons ready to go with over 6500 files to choose from when deciding how to plan your lessons.

How do I download all the files?

After you purchase this product, you’ll be able to download all 10 levels of the EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs. Whenever you log into your account, the price of every level will be discounted 100% on the EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs page (see image below).


Alternatively,  you can access a list of download links on the My Account page (see image below).download area

How long is the license valid?

When you purchase the complete set of EFL/ESL Curriculum Download Packs, the downloads will be possible for one year. After you download them, you can use them as long as you like without ever having to purchase anything else. There will also be content updates occasionally such as new worksheets, games, and videos, and you are also able to download all additional updates at no extra charge within one year of purchase.

Can I use these resources in online teaching platforms for profit?

Our terms and conditions state that you must not:

  • Republish material from
  • Sell, rent, or sub-license material from
  • Reproduce, duplicate or copy material from
  • Redistribute content from BINGOBONGO (unless content is specifically made for redistribution).

So as long as you aren’t directly selling our resources/materials or republishing (e.g. selling videos or other resources made with our materials), then you can use the resources freely in for-profit lessons. If you are unsure about the situation that you would like to use our resources, please contact us.

Don’t forget about your one-year free ABC FUN!box membership!

As soon as you complete the purchase for this product, your free one-year ABC FUN!box membership will automatically begin. Although you will be able to download all the printable and core audio/video content found in the ABC FUN!box, there are lots more online games, activities, and teaching tools that can’t be included in the curriculum download packs due to their digital nature. As long as you’re logged in to your account, the ABC FUN!box will automatically activate for you to teach exciting blended-learning lessons, online or in the classroom.

To find out more about how to use the ABC FUN!box and see the huge list of games and activities it has to offer, check out the ABC FUN!box resources description page, complete with video explanations.

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