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Get the free flashcard pack, “Hello. How Are You? – Greetings and Emotions 1” to teach young ESL/EFL learners their first and most important English expressions.

These double-sided vocabulary flashcards can be used not only to review each word from the illustration alone, but also along with the written forms as well. The dialogue cards have the question on one side and the answer on the reverse side.

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How Are You Flashcards – Greetings and Emotions 1

Learning the phrase, “How are you?” is one of the first and most important expressions that young ESL/EFL learners will learn when starting to study English. That’s why it’s important to teach a variety of useful answers such as: “I’m great.”  “I’m hungry.” “I’m sleepy.” This will help students express their true feelings and emotions when greeted every lesson with “Hello. How Are You?”

This free set of English flashcards not only teaches emotions, but there are also greetings cards and questions/answer cards which are useful for English lessons. After students understand how to ask and answer, “Hello. How are you?” –> “I’m great!”, they can go one step further with the questions from the Q/A cards such as, “When are you happy?” or “Are you hungry?”

Vocabulary in “Hello How Are You Flashcards – Greetings and Emotions 1”

happy, ok, fine, cold, hot, sleepy, sad, hungry, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, goodnight

Questions in “Hello How Are You Flashcards – Greetings and Emotions 1”


  • How are you? – I’m ok, thank you. How are you?
  • Are you hungry? – Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.
  • When are you sleepy? – I’m sleepy at night.

To get more practice using emotions and greetings together, we recommend use the song “Hello Hello, How Are You?” There’s even a fun video on our YouTube channel, so don’t miss it! Or you could check our other pack of 19 feelings and emotions flashcards here.

If you’re looking for more ways to use our Hello How Are You Flashcards – Greetings and Emotions 1 pack, you’ll be happy to hear that these flashcards are all part of a free English curriculum for young ESL/EFL learners called the BINGOBONGO Curriculum.  Combine curriculum cards with flashcards, worksheets, fun activities from our blog and more, ALL FOR FREE!

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