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So many schools and classrooms are going digital. That’s why BINGOBONGO Learning’s FREE Digital Interactive Flashcard Library is perfect for you! You don’t have to download any inconvenient apps or spend time printing and laminating!

Using the interactive flashcards is easy. Just choose the FREE English flashcard pack you want from below, and watch your computer, tablet, or phone become a flashcard slideshow instantly. There are several options which allow you to turn on or off the image, the text, a sample sentence, or even switch from uppercase to lowercase. Plus many of these interactive flashcards have audio features, making them fun and interactive for kids!

If you’re looking for interactive flashcards in PDF format (use with Acrobat PDF Reader), the check out our super popular Interactive PDF Flashcard series! Just download them to your computer, tablet, or phone and change the words and sentences as you go. It’s fast, easy, and best of all, exciting for students. Check out the video below to see them in action!

DILLS Interactive ABC words Flashcards
Interactive Flashcards for Super Easy ABCs and 123s FUN!book

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Each of these 26 packs of free digital interactive flashcards have five vocabulary words for each letter of the ABCs from Super Easy ABCs and 123s: Phonics and Writing Practice FUN!book. Each flashcard has a picture, the word, and a sample sentence which can be turned on or off depending on your preferences. There’s also audio for the word, a sample sentence, and a question with complete Yes and No answers for students to listen to and use at home.

For additional free resources using the vocabulary from these flashcards, be sure to check out the BINGOBONGO Curriculum resource pages.

All of the DILLS Flashcards above can also be found in PDF format at our free ESL/EFL flashcards pages.

DILLS Interactive Sight Words Flashcards
Interactive Flashcards for Sight Words (FUN!book 2)

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With 40 different flashcard packs, each with 10 sight words, these DILLS Flashcards are perfect for young learners. Each flashcard has a sight word, target sentence, and interactive audio. You can even change the options to use the flashcards for listening practice, reading practice, or even testing.

All of these sight words are found in our second FUN!book: Super Easy Verbs & Sight Words: A Phonics & Reading Rally. For even more reading, writing, and, listening, and speaking practice using these sight words, we recommend checking out the BINGOBONGO Curriculum resource pages. They’re full of other great free resources including worksheets, curriculum ideas, and more.

All of the DILLS Flashcards above can also be found in PDF format at our free ESL/EFL flashcards pages.

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