The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum for Kids ESL/EFL

Free English Curriculum for Kids EFL ESL

How is this English curriculum different?

After several years of development, trial and error, and fine-tuning, BINGOBONGO Learning has created an awesome, English curriculum for kids ESL/ESL called the BINGOBONGO Kids Curriculum. This curriculum solves many of the problems encountered while teaching English to young children, particularly in Japan.

Japan is a country which devotes a significant amount of time and money toward English education starting from elementary school, yet the overall English ability of students in Japan is relatively low compared with other countries around the globe. So, the main goal of the BINGOBONGO Kids Curriculum is to place the emphasis of lessons on spoken communication through context-based activities and peer-learning, providing a stronger foundation for speaking ability and an increase in confidence in both verbal and written communication.

But I need an English curriculum that allows students to pass entrance exams!

There is a strong demand for students in Japan to excel at reading and writing to pass a variety of exams including junior high school entrance exams, high school entrance exams, university entrance exams, and standardized tests such as EIKEN, TOEIC, and TOFEL. Many times, an English curriculum will focus too heavily on reading and writing skills, leaving verbal communication skills behind.

The BINGOBONGO Kids Curriculum, on the other hand, gives students the tools they need to pass such tests while keeping speaking the focus of lessons. For example, students who use the BINBONBONGO Curriculum for four years, in 45-minute lessons once per week, can expect to pass EIKEN 5 by the age of 9 years old with minimal additional preparation.

Students who use the BINBONBONGO Curriculum for four years can expect to pass EIKEN 5 by the age of 9.

I want an English curriculum which is easy to teach.

easy to teach English curriculum
Another guideline when creating the BINGOBONGO Curriculum was that it had to be simple: so simple that teachers, students, and parents could always know what topics were being taught in every single lesson. If everyone in the education process clearly understands the English curriculum, then it’s easier to work together to teach more efficiently.

The simplicity of the BINGOBONGO Curriculum is in the curriculum cards which are given to students for every unit. Teachers, students, and parents can all see the new vocabulary, grammar, unit song, and homework for the unit at a glance. This is also useful for parents who want to get involved and make sure their children are regularly studying and reviewing materials at home.

Is this curriculum based on games and flashcards like all the others?

There are a lot of English schools that design their lessons on flashcards and games, but the BINGOBONGO Curriculum is different. This curriculum teaches English through various context-based activities which imitate realistic situations. Of course, any school that uses the BINGOBONGO Curriculum can continue using their preferred lesson style, but context-based activities help students associate language as a tool for practical communication. In addition, each unit of the curriculum includes fun and effective worksheets, plus songs and videos to use at home.

The Components of the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum for Kids

1. A.S.K. Profile Cards

A.S.K. English profile Cards
Download and print an A.S.K. Profile Card for every student to use for one year. After students write their profiles, take a picture and laminate the cards. A.S.K. Profile Cards are a major part of verbal communication development. Students can use these cards to memorize their profiles, questions related to their profiles, and useful vocabulary that should be learned and reviewed throughout the year. A.S.K. Profile Cards are also great for a variety of activities such as taking roll and question time when entering the classroom.

2. BINGOBONGO Curriculum Cards.

English curriculum cards
For each new unit, download and print a new BINGOBONGO Curriculum Card for each student.

There are 10 units in each level which have a set of vocabulary and goals that students must accomplish. After completing each unit, they can get a sticker on their A.S.K. Profile Card to mark their progress. Students and parents can also see what homework has been assigned each lesson.

3. BINGOBONGO Worksheets

English worksheets

Print the worksheets from BINGOBONGO FUN!books to use for lessons and homework. Every unit has recommended worksheets for homework from the BINGOBONGO FUN!books. These are all available to download and print for free. Not only are these worksheets fun and colorful, but they are also engaging and are the perfect level of difficulty for students: not too easy, not too difficult.

To save time and money with larger groups of students, it’s recommended to use BINGOBONGO FUN!book/CD/DVD packs. Schools and educators can get up to 20% off the retail price, making it cheaper for teachers to use worksheets from the books than to print them. Plus, think about the amount of time you will save! Sounds great, doesn’t it? Get a sample FUN!book 100% free and let us know what you think.

Schools and educators can get up to 20% off the retail price all FUN!books, CDs, and DVDs!

4. BINGOBONGO Songs and Chants (CDs, DVDs, YouTube Channel)

Making sure that students get lots of listening practice in and out of the classroom is crucial to develop strong speaking skills. Each unit of the BINGOBONGO Kids Curriculum has a unit song, vocabulary chants, and practice tracks for selected worksheets. In addition, the curriculum emphasizes using videos to learn and practice new materials, and only using audio tracks for reviewing past lessons. This is to deepen the level of understanding and strengthen listening skills without relying on the visual aid or distraction of videos.

5. Free BINGOBONGO Learning Flashcards for all unit vocabulary and songs

Although the BINGOBONGO Kids Curriculum tries to use context and activity-based learning as much as possible, flashcards are still an important part of the teaching process. That’s why BINGOBONGO Learning has created an entire flashcard library to use with FUN!books, worksheets, and songs. They’re easy to make and a convenient size. Plus, they make a great classroom decoration when not being used.

Wrapping it up

Fun English lessons
The BINGOBONGO Curriculum is an effective English curriculum for schools that are looking for a curriculum which focuses on building strong spoken communication skills while giving students the tools they need to pass entrance exams. It’s been an enormous success at Step by Step Eikaiwa, the school where the BINGOBONGO Curriculum was developed and first used. It’s also being used as a complete online/offline English curriculum in international English schools and kindergartens around the world. To learn more about how it’s used at Step by Step Eikaiwa, please drop a line. We’re happy to chat or Skype anytime. There are also videos and sample lesson plans explaining the BINGOBONGO Curriculum in more depth for people who are interested.

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