The BINGOBONGO English curriculum for kindergartens and international schools

English curriculum for kindergartens and international schools

The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum for kindergartens and international schools

What is required in an English curriculum for kindergartens and international schools?

Developing an English curriculum for kindergartens or international schools can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Unlike English curricula designed to teach EFL/ESL in English schools (eikaiwa) or public schools, an English curriculum for kindergartens or international schools must have a solid structure and a large amount of ready-made content since students often study English for several hours every day.
Another challenge that comes up is having a large selection of worksheets, activities, flashcards, games, and other resources that teachers in international kindergartens and international schools can use to create a fun English atmosphere. Since these teachers often teach for several hours every day, there isn’t much time to find new materials or make new games.  The more games and activities that an English curriculum has ready to use with minimal preparation, the better.

The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum for kindergartens is comprehensive, flexible, and fun

fun and flexible English curriculum

The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum is a comprehensive English course divided into three levels which is perfect for international kindergartens and international schools. Each level can be used for one year, and there’s enough content to use in a variety of ways to fit the teaching style and schedule of nearly any school.

Not only are there over 300 worksheets per level, there is a simple and intuitive grammar-based structure to the course which makes it easy to use. Whether your English course is taught in a traditional manner with physical flashcards, posters, and games, or uses more digital-based resources to create an interactive learning environment, the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum for kindergartens and international schools has everything you need. Here’s a list of six reasons this curriculum is a great match for international kindergartens and international schools.

6 reasons to use the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum for kindergartens

1. BINGOBONGO Worksheets are colorful, fun, and develop problem-solving skills

Based on years of research and assessment with young EFL learners in kindergartens, international schools, elementary schools, junior high schools and eikaiwa schools across several countries, we found that students improved the most when using colorful, process-based worksheets with a variety of mixed-level tasks included in each worksheet. We quickly realized that black and white worksheets didn’t hold the interest of students, and worksheets having a single task often didn’t meet the needs of young learners.
To give a concrete example, in our Code Time Worksheets, for example, students must first say and write the missing letters in the code box. This helps them learn all the letters of the alphabet independently, and this step is fun and engaging for students of all ability levels. After that, they must write the correct letter in the numbered boxes to solve the puzzle. Again, the process is simple and fun for students, even if they can’t read yet. Finally, the more advance students can read the decoded message or the teacher can use the picture and decoded message as tools to teach basic phonics and reading.
code time worksheets

This is just one example of dozens of similar types of process-based worksheets. Each level of the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum has over 300 worksheets, so you’ll never have to search online for boring, black and white worksheets again.

2. The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum focuses on repetition

When students see a new worksheet for the first time, they usually don’t know what to do without teacher or parental guidance. This can lead to frustration for many students, especially when new, unfamiliar worksheets are assigned each week. BINGOBONGO Worksheets are designed around effective templates that students quickly become familiar with and gain confidence to learn the content faster, and in greater depth. This also relieves teachers of the time-consuming task of explaining how to do the worksheets each time. Once the students have seen each worksheet type once, they know exactly what to do for all the following worksheets in the series.

3. The BINGOBONGO English curriculum has a simple structure

Each level is broken into 10 units which have clearly defined vocabulary lists and goals. Each unit also has a large selection of songs, videos, flashcards and other supplementary resources to help teach the content in a fun and effective manner. In addition, teachers, students, school staff, and parents can all see what is covered in each unit at a glance using the BINGOBONGO Curriculum Cards. They save hours and hours in terms of lesson planning. Plus, parents of students are always impressed when they can see the entire year’s curriculum instantly.

kindergarten students love English curriculum cards

4. It’s more than just worksheets and flashcards

While the worksheets, flashcards, and curriculum cards are the core of this English Curriculum for kindergartens, there’s a ton of other fun stuff that all ties in using the same vocabulary and images. This keeps the English program consistent and creates a great impression for potential students.

For example, if your walls are feeling a little empty, BINGOBONGO’s Laminated Posters are strong, durable, and can be used as a teaching tool in addition to making a great classroom decoration. We also have a series of fun Sticker Street Cards that students can use to collect various ABC words, verbs, or other stickers of the vocabulary they learn throughout the course.

English curriculum with stickers for international school students

If that’s not enough, students can also play BINGOBONGO Games such as ABCChomp!, ABC EGGSplorers (coming soon), and ABC BATTLE EGGS, the ultimate ESL/EFL card game based on the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum (coming soon).

5. The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum is Online-ready!

As many schools have recently discovered, we can’t always predict the unpredictable, but with the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum, you’ll always be prepared for the unexpected. Our Curriculum comes complete with online-ready files for all the worksheets and flashcards. On top of that, there’s an entire selection of simple, yet effective, Interactive PDF Games and Activities.

comprehensive English curriculum for international schools and kindergartens

If you must unexpectedly teach online lessons or if correspondence teaching is a standard part of your curriculum, you’ll be ready for anything with our online-ready resources.

6. Communication-focused learning while preparing for high standardized test scores

Most educators of young EFL students agree that developing strong speaking and communication skills is one of the highest priorities when developing a curriculum. On the other hand, many parents believe that reading and writing skills are necessary for better test scores, allowing for a quantitative way to evaluate progress. The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum for kindergartens gives schools the ability to find the perfect balance of speaking, listening, reading, and writing to help students become confident English communicators. Almost every worksheet has a speaking and listening component, while each level of the curriculum is built around the grammar and vocabulary needed to pass standardized tests such as EIKEN (Japan).

Are you ready to try the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum for kindergartens and international schools?

Hopefully you can see that the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum for kindergartens can improve the English programs of kindergartens and international schools. Not only does this curriculum save tons of time by giving you a huge selection of worksheets and resources, but it also has a simple, flexible structure that meets the demands of parents with high expectations. If you would like to find out more about how to use the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum in your school, you can contact us or request a free sample pack (schools in Japan). If you’re interested in the complete curriculum in a digital format ready for online lessons, check out our Downloadable English Curriculum.

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