Here are our top 5 recommended PDF games for teaching English!

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PDF Games are perfect for teaching English online or in the classroom!

Games are an essential part of most English lessons. Just ask any teacher (or student), and they will tell you a list of popular games for teaching English in an EFL/ESL setting. They might even tell you about some PDF games as well since they’re becoming a new favorite of teachers and students around the world. In today’s post, we will explain why PDF Games are a powerful resource that you should be using in your lessons as well. We’ll also share a list of our top 5 favorite PDF Games that are interactive, effective, and most importantly, fun!

What is a PDF Game exactly?

Most people are probably familiar with PDF documents because they are a standard file type for many industries. But PDF files are more than just text-filled documents! PDF files are perfect for making games because they can have images (think flashcards), audio (think songs), videos (think DVDs or YouTube), and computer code (think apps). All of the popular resources that teachers rely on every lesson can be squeezed into a single PDF file. How amazing is that?!

There is a wide variety of interactive PDF resources that can be created such as interactive PDF Flashcards and editable conversation activity packs, but when you ask kids what they want to do in class, of course the answer is GAMES! Our extensive research of downloading and playing numerous educational games and apps has shown us that many games out there fall short of meeting educators’ basic requirements. Many games are either too complicated, too expensive, or just not suitable to use in online lessons or in large classrooms.

Once we realized the potential that PDF files had to be used as effective teaching tools, we started creating our own PDF Games which met our high expectations as educators. Most importantly, these games also needed the stamp of approval from our students, which we got immediately. So, today we’re going to introduce our top 5 favorite educational PDF games that can be used for ESL/EFL English lessons.

To summarize, here are the reasons our PDF Games are effective for teaching English

  • No special apps, software, or memberships required (You only need the free Adobe Reader app)
  • PDF Games are small lightweight files, so they can be used online or offline
  • They are interactive which helps keeps students’ attention for longer
  • They’re developed by experienced educators with a high standard of education goals
  • They include a variety of options and settings, making them great for a wider range of ability levels and ages

Here’s the list of our top 5 favorite PDF Games


chompman hangman spelling PDF GAME

CHOMP!MAN is a spelling PDF Game based on the all-time favorite game, Hangman. This version is much more suspenseful, however. It takes no time to set up and prepare since all of the word lists are programmed into the game, and no humans or animals are harmed as a result of your students mastering spelling. CHOMP!MAN can be used in online lessons or in large classes and it’s perfect for teams.

In this game, students can practice uppercase or lowercase letters and choose easy or difficult mode. Difficult mode is recommended for team play because the alligator slowly appears after each mistake but doesn’t reset after each word. Eventually one team will get CHOMPED!

2. Spot the Difference

spot the difference pdf game 01

Spot the Difference is a simple game based on finding the difference between two similar pictures. There are a variety of different themes which allows students to learn and practice new vocabulary words. Whether you’re playing Spot the Difference on a computer or on a mobile device, this game is sure to be a hit for any class.

3. EZ PDF Kids Games

Many teachers and students love EZ PDF Kids Games for their simplicity. These PDF games are actually like a slideshow that can be played as a game or read like a story. There are a variety of games such as Where Is It? and What Color Are Ghosts? But don’t be fooled by their simplicity! They will have your students focused and excited to see each new picture in the game again and again.

4. Count and Touch

count and touch interactive game 1

Our series of Count and Touch games are perfect to teach counting together with new vocabulary words.  Young learners love counting from one to ten as they touch the objects. For example, in Count and Touch 01, students must first find one sun, then two umbrellas, then three trees, etc. This game is certainly going to be a hit with your younger students… you can Count on it!

5. Interactive True or False Quizzes

Family True or False Quiz Interactive PDF

Students usually don’t get excited when hearing the word “quiz,” but that’s only because they’ve never tried our Interactive True or False Quizzes. Each quiz has a theme and set of 10 true or false questions. If the students click the correct answer, they can get one point added to their score. Not only is this fun and exciting, but it encourages kids to improve their reading skills in order to keep getting more points in the quizzes.

Another cool feature is that you can customize the quizzes and change any part of the questions or answers to make them perfectly suited for your students. Every month, we release 4 new Interactive True or False Quizzes, 4 new Standard Quizzes, and 4 new sets of Interactive Flashcards, all with common topics such as school subjects, colors, family members and more!

Try our 5 favorite PDF games and join a growing list of satisfied teachers and students around the world

While there are thousands of apps and games out there to choose from, PDF games are definitely huge time-savers for busy teachers.  Just download the PDF to your computer, phone, tablet or any device with Adobe Reader and you’re ready to go. No more dealing with logins, passwords, or app downloads, and you don’t even need an internet connection to use them after you download them.

Teachers around the world are quickly jumping on the PDF Games bandwagon not just because of their simplicity, but because kids love the activities and they’re actually effective for teaching English! Don’t forget that teachers that join the Monthly Resources Download Club will get unlimited access to all of our PDF Games and Activities,  including access to over 10 new PDF Games every month. Sign up now for less than $10 per month and start getting unlimited PDF Games right away!