The Online Lesson Below Used an Instant Lesson Resource Pack…Check it out!

About This Sample Video Using the Downloadable Curriculum Level 1

Jeremy uses Zoom and ManyCam to create energetic videos that are not only fun to watch live, but can be watched again and again for review or as a supplementary teaching tool. This approaches requires a carefully planned lesson based around simple PDF activities and videos.

Rather than stop the lesson to focus on individual answers from students, Jeremy teaches imaginary students, leaving ample time to repeat and internalize the lesson’s content. After the lesson, students can either watch the video again or just watch the homework tutorial as they complete their worksheet assignments at their own pace.

This lesson was based on the BINGOBONGO Downloadable Curriculum (Level 1) and used the following resources (click to download the Lesson Plan PDF Below):

Instant Lesson Pack ★ Level 1 Y2 Unit 1 – Lesson 3

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