Check out these awesome 10 free colors flashcards lesson plans and activities!

10 free colors flashcards lesson plans and activities

With this list of 10 free colors flashcards lesson plans and activities, you’ll have plenty of resources to make fun, interesting, and interactive classes!

Learning the colors is something all ESL/EFL students love to do, and it can be hard for teachers and parents to come up with new and interesting activities that make learning the colors fun. This list of 10 free colors flashcards lesson plans and activities has a big variety of resources like  interactive games, songs, quizzes, and craft ideas, so the same old colors lessons will be a thing of the past!


10 Free Colors Flashcards Lesson Plans and Activities

1. What Color are Ghosts? (Guessing Game)

What Color are Ghosts? is a color guessing PDF game that students will love to play while learning the colors!
The lights are off so students can only see 11 ghosts’ eyes. They have to guess what color each ghost is before the lights come back on! This colors activity will be a hit in every lesson plan.
Not only will your students learn 11 colors in English but will also practice their reading, listening, speaking, and spelling skills as they play along!

2. Chomp!MAN (Hangman alternative, Interactive PDF)

The classic word game Hangman has been transformed into a new and completely interactive activity for English learners! This Chomp!MAN is a fun game all round, but especially good for practicing the spelling of the colors. After you practice the colors flashcards, students guess and click which letters might be in each of the hidden color words. They slowly reveal each letter but need to be careful because each wrong guess brings them closer to being chomped by Ari the Alligator!

All Chomp!MAN games are Interactive PDFs, so no special software is needed and the games can be used straight away in all your English lesson plans.

3. Colors Editable Interactive Flashcards

These Interactive Colors Flashcards for lesson plans and activities can be used in so many ways. Each of the interactive flashcards has two input boxes that will allow you to completely customize the content you teach to your students. You can even use these input boxes to ask students questions, and it’s a great motivator for students to see their answers entered live, on-screen!

These are a digital resource, so Editable Interactive Flashcards can be used to make fun classes, both online and in classrooms.

4. Colors Interactive Quizzes (True or False Quizzes and Standard Quizzes)

Our interactive True or False Quiz and Standard Quiz both have 10 questions each all about colors. Each quiz is like a mini game-show and students earn points for each correct answer they get!

In our True or False Quizzes, students read the sentences and decide if the statement is true or not, then click the true or false button to reveal the answer.

For Standard Quizzes students use their English knowledge to understand the question and input their answer. Then teachers can use the “Check” button to show the real answer.

Another great thing about both of these quizzes is that they come with Custom Quiz Builders, so teachers can make their own questions and answers about the colors in our flashcards. That means that this resource can be closely tailored to the individual needs of your lesson plans.

If you haven’t already checked out our colors worksheets, you definitely should! We have tons of different types of worksheet activities that you can use to teach your lesson plans using our colors flashcards. With our Color-by-Numbers, Colors Word Searches, Color Vocab Builders, Color Time worksheets, and many more, you’ll never run out of great worksheets to use in your colors lessons!

Learning with a variety of different worksheet types is very important, especially for younger students that have shorter attention spans! So having a wide range of worksheets to use will make your teaching life much easier!

6. Colors and Colors Song + Video

Students love learning English along with songs and videos. Our Colors and Colors Song is the perfect song for learning not only 8 basic colors, but also some animal and fruit vocabulary too!

Make your life easier with our free Colors and Colors Flashcards in your lesson plans and activities.  They are the perfect set for the words in this song. This song works great as a warm-up at the beginning of class and its catchy tune will help your students to remember the colors more easily!

7. Colors, Shapes, and Animals Craft

For a great way of introducing a fun craft into your color lesson plans while teaching the colors at the same time, check out our Colors, Shapes, and Animals Craft activity.

This craft has almost no preparation involved and is super easy to get ready for your next colors class. All you need for these cute paper animals is glue, paper, and scissors. Then, just print out enough of the Animals Craft Shape Template for all of your students and you will be ready to go! Let your students show their creative side in class and see how many different animals they can make with colorful shapes.

Even younger students will love making these cute and colorful looking animals, and will have fun practicing the colors in English at the same time.

8. Printable Colors Flashcards for all your activities and lesson plans

Here at BINGOBONGO Learning, we have lots of different sets of printable colors flashcards that you can easily use in class to teach the colors in English. Teaching vocabulary like the colors along with other words at the same time could help your students to remember more easily. Check out our Shapes and Colors Flashcards or our Shapes, Colors & Numbers Flashcards.

For even more sets of colors flashcards lesson plans and activities, head on over to Free Flashcards Downloads and check out all their flashcard packs too.

9. Colors Race Time Games

ESL EFL Colors Snakes and Ladders Game

These awesome board-game-style activities are the perfect way to keep your colors lessons exciting and different! All you need to start using these games in class is a counter for each student, one or two dice and to print off one of our free Race Time Game printables. Your students are sure to enjoy working their way around the board, towards the finish line while they practice saying all of the colors on each turn.

10. Colors Poster – Ice Cream

For a colorful way to decorate your English learning space and practice learning the colors at the same time, check out our Colors Poster! This poster comes with 10 delicious looking ice cream colors that can be used to teach the words and make a great warm-up activity.

There’s also a “Question Time” box with three questions students can master to speak confidently about colors in English.

These 10 free colors flashcards lesson plans and activities using worksheets, games, and songs are all kid-approved!

With all these free colors flashcards lesson plan and activity ideas, you’ll have more than enough materials to teach fun, interactive lessons again and again. Best of all, your students will enjoy every minute of every lesson. To get an idea of how to use some of our resources in your online lessons, you’ll definitely want to check out our guide with 9 online teaching tips as well!