Check out these 7 super effective spelling games, apps, and activities!

7 effective spelling games activities

These spelling games, apps, and activities are great for kids of all ages!

Ask kids if they like spelling and nine times out of ten the answer is no. Ask the same kids if they like playing games, on the other hand, and you’re sure to hear “YES!” immediately. That’s why it’s no secret that turning spelling into a game is an effective way to get kids to learn to improve spelling, reading, and writing skills.

There are many spelling games, spelling apps, and spelling activities out there, but some are more effective than others. Some are also great for the classroom, but hard to use in online lessons, and visa versa. Our list of 7 effective spelling games and apps has the most effective games and activities, most of which you can use in the classroom or online.
Another thing to remember about our list of spelling games and apps is that most of them are free which means you can try them out risk-free and see how much your students like them.

7 Effective Spelling Games, Apps, and Activities

Here’s the list of our favorite 7 effective spelling games, apps, and activities

1. CHOMP!MAN (Hangman alternative, Interactive PDF)

2. EZ BB Phonics System

3. ABC EGGSplorers (Free Online Spelling/Pet Collecting Game)

4. BATTLE EGGS (Spelling/Grammar ESL/EFL Card Game)

5. Printable Spelling Worksheets

6. ABC Chomp! (Online Spelling and Vocabulary Game)

7. Interactive Flashcards (DILLS Flashcards and PDF Flashcards)

1. CHOMP!MAN (Hangman alternative, Interactive PDF)

Hangman is a great, classic spelling game, but it’s a little messy and time-consuming to prepare on the blackboard or whiteboard for every word. With Chomp!MAN, however, just open the Interactive Digital PDF files, press start and play for hours!  Chomp!MAN has dozens of spelling lists that let kids focus on spelling words in categories such as days of the week, colors, fruits and more. There are new word lists released every month, and members of our Monthly Resources Download Club get unlimited download access to all Chomp!Man PDF files as well as hundreds of other great resources!

2. EZ BB Phonics System

The EZ BB Phonics System is a simple phonics teaching system made up of Interactive PDFs together with printable worksheets. Used in combination, teachers can design fun, interactive lessons using the PDF activities, and students can reinforce reading and writing skills using the printable worksheets. Not only are these interactive and printable phonics resources great for teaching spelling, they also help build a strong reading and writing foundation at the same time.

3. ABC EGGSplorers (Free Online Spelling/Pet Collecting Game)

abc eggsplorers

abc eggsplorers2

ABC EGGSplorers is without a doubt the world’s most egg-citing game where kids spell words to hatch eggs and collect pets. Kids never get tired of playing through the hundreds of levels to spell words and search for the missing pets in their Pet Box. The main focus of the game is spelling, but kids also learn about colors, animals, and other fun topics. There’s no limit to the number of profiles you make after you register for an account, and the game is 100% free if students do the training rounds!

4. BATTLE EGGS (Spelling, Phonics, Grammar EFL/ESL Card Game)

battle eggs EFL Card Game

If you want kids to take a break from screen time as they improve spelling skills, then BATTLE EGGS is the perfect game. BATTLE EGGS is the card game version based on ABC EGGSplorers. Kids can even collect all the same pets and battle to win the most points by spelling various words in the Spelling Battle Decks.

Since kids are eager to collect all 100 pets, they will never get tired of BATTLE EGGS. This is sure to become a popular spelling game in homes and classrooms all over the world in no time at all. Order your Pet Decks and Battle Decks and play now!

A lot of spelling worksheets fail to get the stamp of approval from kids because they’re usually black and white, bland, and boring. BINGOBONGO’s free worksheets, however, are colorful, fun, and engaging. Students look forward to our worksheets every lesson. Whether kids are just learning the alphabet, learning to spell and write words, or compose sentences, you’ll find the perfect worksheet in our library of 1000s of free printable worksheets.
If you’re looking for a few recommendations, Phonics Spelling Time Worksheets, Code Time Worksheets, or Super Sentence Worksheets are guaranteed to be a hit.

6. ABC Chomp! (Online Spelling and Vocabulary Game)

Screenshot 20190901 124104 ABC Chomp PRO

Screenshot 20190901 123929 ABC Chomp PRO

ABC Chomp! is a BINGOBONGO Learning original web game created to make spelling practice super fun and super silly. After a round of Spell ‘n’ Match, students get to feed the various characters that appear in the Chomp Rounds. The characters, however, only like to eat words that start with the same letter as what they are. That means the Alligator likes to eat apples and ants, but not beds or clocks.

The levels for the letter A and the letter B are free to play and try out, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to start CHOMP!ing!

7. Interactive Flashcards (DILLS Flashcards and PDF Flashcards)

DILLS Interactive flashcards bingobongo learning

BINGOBONGO doesn’t just have thousands of printable flashcards, but we also have digital online app flashcards and our own original Interactive PDF Flashcards. And they’re all great tools for teaching kids to spell their favorite words.

The Digital Interactive Flashcards, for example, have several options which also make them great for reading sentences or questions.  You can choose singular or plural forms, hide the words or pictures, and use the audio to master pronunciation. The Interactive PDF Flashcards, on the other hand, let you type anything you want next to the pictures as you flip through the slides. This is great for practicing everything from spelling to reading, writing, and more!

These 7 effective spelling games, apps, and activities are kid-approved!

Whether you’re looking for a spelling game to play on a rainy day or trying to build a fun spelling-focused lesson for homeschooling or online lessons, we think you’ll agree that these spelling activities will get the job done. Don’t just take our word for it! This list of customer and teacher feedback/reviews proves that teachers and parents all over the world are teaching spelling with great results!