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Learn the 8 basic colors with this free download of the Colors Song Mp3. It’s easy to remember since each color is associated with an object that kids know and love. It’s a must-have for anyone teaching colors to young kids, especially ESL students.

Track: 12
Target Vocab: Colors, animals, fruit

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This Free Colors Song MP3 Download is great for any class!

With this free download of Colors Song MP3,  kids can explore colors in English while taking a look at some interesting food, animals, and more in the world around them. Kids will have fun learning how to use adjectives along with the plurals of countable nouns, so they’ll be able to say things like, “Pumpkins are orange” with confidence. The best part is that they’ll learn it all naturally and easily without even thinking about it while using the simple pattern in the song.

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Song Lyrics

Colors And Colors

Colors and colors and colors and colors! Look at the colors I can see.
Colors and colors and colors and colors! Look at the colors all around me.

Tomatoes, tomatoes
Tomatoes are red
Frogs, frogs
Frogs are green
Lakes, lakes
Lakes are blue
Pumpkins, pumpkins
Pumpkins are orange

Eggplants, eggplants
Eggplants are purple
Bananas, bananas
Bananas are yellow
Pigs, pigs
Pigs are pink
Bears, bears
Bears are brown

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