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Non-Stop Swing | EFL/ESL STEAM Craft Kits for Kids

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Discover perpetual motion with our Non-Stop Swing STEAM Craft Kit! Students build a wooden swing combined with a coil of copper wire and a magnet. As the swing moves, it activates an electromagnetic force via an electric circuit, keeping the swing moving continuously.

※This kit includes everything needed to make the Non-Stop Swing (batteries not included), 4 colorful worksheets, and access to the STEAM Zone Digital Learning Portal, with online flashcards, games, and over 30 minutes of educational videos. It’s perfect for exploring electromagnetism and circuitry in a fun, hands-on way!

39 in stock (can be backordered)

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Discover Physics with the Non-Stop Swing STEAM Kit!

The Non-Stop Swing STEAM Craft Lesson Pack is an exceptional tool for introducing young learners to the principles of motion and energy. Students have the opportunity to build a perpetual swing model, gaining hands-on experience in basic physics and mechanical concepts.

This STEAM Craft Lesson Pack is perfect for engaging students’ curiosity about how things work, particularly in the realm of physics and mechanics. It offers an excellent way for students with an interest in science and engineering to explore fundamental concepts in a fun and interactive manner.

The Non-Stop Swing Kit offers a comprehensive introduction to kinetic and potential energy, as well as the laws of motion.

Engage in the Wonders of Physics with the Non-Stop Swing STEAM Craft Lesson Pack!

✅ Construct a model of a perpetual swing

✅ Learn about kinetic and potential energy and their conversions

✅ Experience a hands-on approach to understanding fundamental physics principles

✅ Discover the science behind the Non-Stop Swing STEAM Craft Lesson Pack using the four pages of included worksheets

✅ Enjoy over 30 minutes of lesson videos and online games to deepen understanding of the physics concepts related to the Non-Stop Swing STEAM Craft Lesson Pack

Additionally, the Non-Stop Swing serves as an excellent educational tool in classrooms, encouraging students to explore the wonders of physics through practical activities.

Non-Stop Swing STEAM Craft Lesson Packs: A Gateway to Learning Physics!

Students not only grasp important concepts through STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), but also develop practical skills in understanding and observing physical phenomena. This hands-on learning approach is highly effective, popular among educators and parents for its ability to promote critical thinking and scientific inquiry.

Each Non-Stop Swing STEAM Craft Lesson Pack comes with a well-designed lesson plan suitable for various age groups and skill levels. The physics-based lesson encompasses 4 pages of worksheets that cover the vocabulary related to the swing’s assembly, outline the steps of construction, introduce concepts such as “Energy Transformation”, and include a captivating true-or-false quiz related to the physics of the swing.

Enhanced Learning Experience in the STEAM Zone

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Each pack includes a QR code for direct access to the STEAM Zone. Here, students and educators can use online flashcards, play BINGO, engage in interactive games to reinforce STEM vocabulary and concepts, and watch over 30 minutes of lesson videos with PJ (Professor Jerm) and GP the Pig.

Contents of the Non-Stop Swing STEAM Craft Lesson Pack

The Non-Stop Swing STEAM Craft Lesson Pack features:

✅ All necessary materials to build the Non-Stop Swing

✅ Easy-to-follow, English instructions for assembly

✅ 4 engaging worksheets (suitable for learners of all ages and abilities)

✅ Over 30 minutes of instructional videos (focused on vocabulary and construction)

✅ Access to various online games, flashcards, and STEAM activities

For more details about this product, please see the information tab.

Recommended Ages and English Skill Levels for this EFL/ESL Steam Craft Kit

Our STEAM Craft Kits are ideal for all children, but we particularly recommend them for students aged 6 and above, with younger children benefiting from adult guidance.

Continuous Learning at Home with Our Monthly STEAM Craft Kit Subscription

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Join our Monthly English STEAM Adventure for a great mix of STEAM and English education, ideal for home learning. Subscribers also receive a 10% discount on 12 STEAM Craft Kits.

Educator Discounts for Classroom Use of STEAM Craft Kits

We offer attractive discounts for educators:

Purchase 10 – 19 kits for a 10% discount.

Buy 20 – 29 kits for a 20% discount.

Order 30 or more kits for the greatest savings.

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Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 5 cm


Teaching CLIL through STEAM has never been easier thanks to our worksheets and STEAM Zone!

All EFL/ESL STEAM Kits by include four pages of fun, colorful worksheets that are easy enough for kindergarten students to understand, yet have multiple levels of tasks that are fun for older students or students with higher levels of English as well.

The worksheets can be done in lessons before or after completing the STEAM Kit activities or they can be done at home. Even if students and parents don’t have an excellent level of English ability, the worksheets are supported by solution files and video tutorials in the STEAM Zone.

The worksheets are only available in a printed format and are not available in a downloadable format.

The worksheets below are included in this STEAM Kit:


The STEAM Zone has instruction for this kit, digital flashcards, and more!

Each STEAM Kit has a QR code to the STEAM Zone on the kit package as well as at the top of every worksheet that is included in the kit. Once you’re in the STEAM Zone, you’ll be able to access everything you need such as the instruction videos, instruction slideshows, the worksheets tutorials, online games and a lot more!

Instruction coming soon!


Non-Stop Swing STEAM Kit

Safety Information
All STEAM Kits should be done under adult supervision. Read the instructions before use.
Product Information
Recommended Ages: 6+ with an adult present (or younger with adult assistance)
Difficulty Level: 5 (1 = easy, 5 = difficult)
Produced by: (Step by Step, Inc.)
Included Worksheets
Worksheet 1: Vocab Review / Word Search
Worksheet 2: What’s the Order? / Summarize It
Worksheet 3: Category Sorting
Worksheet 4: True or False Quiz
Optional: BINGO Cards (pg. 1 + pg. 3 vocabulary)
Kit Contents
1 Non-Stop Swing STEAM Kit — Includes all necessary components for the swing
Note: Batteries not included
4 Worksheets — A4, full-color
Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 3 cm
Weight: 115 g
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