Free English Lesson Plans for Teaching EFL/ESL Online That Save You Time and Money

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Having access to high-quality free English lesson plans when teaching online EFL/ESL lessons to children is a must. Teaching online lessons is different than traditional classroom lessons for a variety of reasons. Today we will look at some of the challenges online teachers face when making their English lesson plans for teleteaching with online education platforms such as Zoom, Skype or WizIQ for example. After that, we will show you our favorite resources for teaching online. (If you haven’t decided on a platform to use yet, check out this list of online teaching platforms with pros and cons of each service when teleteaching.)

Differences between online lessons and classroom teaching
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When teaching children online, the biggest challenge that many teachers face is keeping the students focused on the lesson. In a traditional classroom setting, teachers can easily recognize when students are having difficulties concentrating and quickly modify the lesson plan. Teleteaching, however, doesn’t give teachers the same freedom to regain the focus of the students since there is less freedom to move around and use body language. Also, don’t forget that many games used by EFL/ESL teachers in traditional classrooms are impossible to play in an online lesson. Being able to plan lessons that don’t rely on games will make online teaching easier and these free English lesson plans are perfect.

Another complaint we often hear from online teachers is that not all students can easily practice handwriting on the computer. Even basic activities using a traditional workbook for writing practice can become a difficult challenge when teaching online.

Recommended resources for teaching English online

use pdf files in your free english lesson plans

The best way to keep students focused is with free English lesson plans that have a series of resources such as songs, videos, flashcards, and teleteaching-friendly worksheets. And the more you have, the better!

When teaching online, you must also remember that your students might not have a great internet connection. For that reason, it’s best to use lightweight PDF files rather than JPEG images since JPEG files tend to be much larger and can slow down the lesson tempo. Worksheets that students can complete using a mouse by drawing lines or circling answers will also be ideal for teaching online.

Finally, it’s important to remember that having a consistent routine and format to the lessons will help students stay focused and allow teachers to smoothly carry out online EFL/ESL lessons.

Free English Lesson Plans by BINGOBONGO

If you need free English lesson plans to use with online education platforms, then check out the BINGOBONGO Learning curriculum. It was designed to solve many problems that arise when teaching English without relying on games, so it’s great for teaching English online! Here are a few of the reasons it’s ideal for teleteaching.

1. Simple and Easy to Understand EFL/ESL Curriculum

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Each unit of the free English lesson plans has a one-page curriculum card which shows teachers and students the content to be covered. All of the flashcards, videos, songs, and worksheets are clearly listed on the unit page, so it takes no time at all to prepare your lessons.

2. Lightweight PDFs and Videos

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All of our flashcards, worksheets, and videos have been optimized for the smallest file sizes. This means that you’ll be able to quickly upload and use the resources in your lessons.

3. Free English Lesson Plans with Repetition and Routine

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If you find a great worksheet in our series of over 60 types of free worksheets, you’ll be happy to know that there are many others you can use. We believe that repetition is the key to a successful English program, and kids definitely love doing these worksheets again and again.

4. Free English Lesson Plans using Digital Interactive Online Flashcards

Our free DILLS interactive flashcards are a fun way to add new excitement to flashcards. Students can click or touch the flashcards to hear the words, spellings, target sentences, and even questions and answers using the vocabulary.

Need even more stuff to use with your free English Lesson Plans?
Check out our downloadable curriculum packs!

To help save teachers and schools time and take their free English lesson plans to the next level with even more great resources such as single-sided flashcards packs and more fun games and worksheets, we’ve bundled everything into one single .zip file to purchase and use. Each level of the downloadable curriculum is organized by unit and contains hundreds of great resources to use in your online English lesson plans. If you try out the free resources above and realize that they make online teaching fun and easy for teachers and students, then you should consider getting the downloadable curriculum packs to plan even more great English lessons.

If there are other resources you think might be great in an online English lesson, please send us an email and let us know.

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