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Interactive Phonics PDFs – EZ Story Puzzles 08 – Mol’s Mop (Short O Sounds)

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EZ Interactive Story Puzzles – 08 – Mol’s Mop (Short O Sounds)

EZ Interactive Story Puzzles are an awesome resource that improve students’ reading, writing and phonics skills through the telling of a short story! Colorful pictures help students to understand and read the story and a second mode gives students writing practice too. Additionally, as this is an Interactive PDF it can be used in the classroom and online with ease!

This time the story is all about Mol and her very hot pot!


EZ Interactive Story Puzzles (Short O Sounds)

This Interactive PDF for teaching reading, writing, and phonics is a part of our EZ BB Phonics Interactive PDF Series. Using the EZ Interactive Readers, the EZ Interactive Writers, and the EZ Interactive Story Puzzles, teachers have everything they need to teach phonics in a whole variety of different ways.

EZ Interactive Story Puzzles are a great introduction to reading for your students. Colorful pictures help to reveal a short story to students all in English. Each EZ Interactive Story Puzzle comes with two different modes, reading and writing. Firstly, in reading mode, students look at the picture then read the first sentence of the story. Teachers can use the ‘Show Next Word’ button to break each sentence down into smaller parts, and reveal the story word by word. This is great to get students to notice simple sentence structures in English. After students are familiar with the story, teachers switch to writing mode. In this mode, students look at the same pictures from reading mode to try to answer a question. Students write down their answers and then check to see if they were right with the ‘Show Answer’ button. Students really enjoy interacting with the story, and when they are having fun in English, they are learning in English!

Another awesome thing about EZ Interactive Story Puzzles is that they come in the PDF format! This means that after you download them they’re easy to store and organize on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Plus you can use them anywhere, even if you’re offline! And don’t forget that they’re also perfect for sharing on screens during online lessons.

You should also check out our EZ BB Phonics Worksheet Series, that provide the perfect accompanying worksheets for after you use the interactive resources in the EZ BB Phonics Interactive PDF Series!

See them in action in the video below:

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