EZ Story Puzzles (Interactive Phonics PDF) are the perfect interactive resource for improving your students’ reading, writing, and phonics skills!

Understanding and using phonics along with a good reading ability are key skills for all students, so take advantage of EZ Interactive Story Puzzles to add even more variety to your teaching tools!

Here are just some of the reasons why you should start using EZ Interactive Story Puzzles in your next class:

  • As well as being a great phonics tool, EZ Interactive Story Puzzles are great for introducing and reviewing vocabulary.
  • Your students will love the interactivity of each resource.
  • They don’t require special apps, software, or memberships to use. (You only need the free Adobe Reader app).
  • They are small lightweight files, so they can be used easily in online lessons or in the classroom.

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Teachers who want to use our EZ Interactive Story Puzzles and other pdf/video resources every month can take advantage of our Monthly Resources Download Club to get unlimited access to all our PDF Resources and Worksheet Tutorials Videos at a fraction of the cost of buying the resources individually. Sign up now!

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