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19 Free Emotions and Feelings Flashcards


Download these free 19 Emotions and Feelings Flashcards to teach students a number of different ways to answer the question, “How are you?” They’re cute, simple, and best of all, easy to remember.

Emotions and feelings are a great way to warm up any EFL/ESL English lesson, and these free flashcards will give students something to look forward to, every class. This flashcard pack has the following emotions and feelings: good, fine, sleepy, happy, OK, hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, angry, sad, scared, confused, excited, full, sick, great, tired, and busy.


These flashcards are a part of the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum, so if you need more free flashcards, worksheets, lesson plans, and more, check out our Downloadable English Curriculum with thousands of pages of PDFs and online teaching resources.

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19 Free Emotions and Feelings Flashcards

This set of emotions and feelings flashcards has the following 19 words: good, fine, sleepy, happy, OK, hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, angry, sad, scared, confused, excited, full, sick, great, tired, and busy. Once you download this pack you can use the flashcards right away! Just print them out, fold each page in half, and then laminate! They’ll be ready for your very next class and they’ll last for years.

How to use these free emotions and feelings flashcards in ESL/EFL lessons

Download 19 emotions and feelings flashcards and use them to plan fun and exciting English lessons for your students. Young ESL/EFL learners often learn the question, “How are you?” first, and these flashcards will give them 19 different ways to answer.

Spending an entire lesson teaching the various feelings is great, but many teachers also like to use them as a classroom warmup for lessons. For example, you can add 2 or 3 new emotions and feelings each class and see how many the students can remember. Another popular approach is to go around the class and ask each student individually, “How are you?

For an added challenge, see if the other students can remember all the answers. If they can, they will be able to practice saying, “He’s sleepy,” “She’s tired,” etc.

Need Emotions and Feeling Flashcards for your Online Lessons?

If you need these 19 emotions and feelings flashcards in a digital format for online classes, then check out our Editable Interactive Flashcards. You’ll find the same cute and funny illustrations on these flashcards with a space for you to type in the words and example sentences. It makes online classes fun and interactive every lesson.

emotions and feelings flashcards

Need even more resources for great English lessons?

In addition to online and printable emotions and feeling flashcards, you’ll find a huge variety of songs, games, videos, and more. All of these can be used together to create fun, engaging lesson plans. The following games and activities are perfect for combining into a super lesson that students will never forget.

Peek-a-boo! How Are You? Interactive Game

Scroll through the images to play Peekaboo and try to guess the answer to “How are you?” for each character.

Peekaboo Game How Are You Flashcards

Hello, Hello. How Are You? Free MP3 Download

Before you practice all the different feelings and emotions, why not warm up with a fun and easy song?

Chomp!MAN Spelling Game

chompman 06 Emotions1

If you haven’t already discovered this secret weapon for learning spelling, then you need to play this game with your students. Once they know the words, they will love trying to guess the letters in each word as they spell out the words. But if you guess the wrong letter 10 ten times, prepare to get CHOMPED!

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