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BINGOBONGO Learning FREE FLashcards worksheets and games
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Downloadable Online English Curriculum Level 3


The BINGOBONGO Downloadable ESL/EFL Curriculum (Level 3) has all new worksheets, flashcards, videos and more! It’s great for intermediate to advanced students. Like Level 1 and Level 2, this pack has tons of high-quality resources which are great for online lessons and teleteaching!

There are over over 200 worksheets, over 400 flashcards (single or double sided), fun and funky unit mp3s and videos, 10 easy-to-teach unit cards, various levels of student profile cards, plus BONUS BINGO Cards and Games!

Level 3 focuses on teaching all new verbs, adjectives, nouns, and grammar points using fun worksheets that can be used in lessons for speaking practice or used as homework for reading and writing practice.

Before you purchase, please read this!

If you are planning on purchasing multiple Downloadable Curriculum Packs, then please take a look at our new online resource portal called the ABC FUN!box. It has all of the worksheets, videos, chants, and other resources found in this Downloadable Curriculum Pack, plus there are additional interactive games, resources, online teaching tools, plus a lot more! Best of all, with an Institution Membership, you can download ALL of the Downloadable Curriculum Packs at no extra cost!


Get the BINGOBONGO Online English Curriculum Level 3 !

The BINGOBONGO Online English Curriculum has been a huge hit, not just in EFL/ESL classrooms around the world,  but also for parents homeschooling, and for online English teleteaching. There is so much content included in a single download and so many different ways to use it.

Like Level 1 and Level 2 of this downloadable curriculum, Level 3 is loaded with lots of great resources. It has over 200 worksheets, 400 flashcards, 50 videos, and simple-to-understand lesson plans. Teachers who use the BINGOBONGO Online English Curriculum have better lessons while spending lesson time preparing. And kids have more fun doing the worksheets which are exciting enough to replace games in classes or in online lessons.

Level 3 lets students transition smoothly from the previous two levels, providing lots of opportunities to speak, listen, read, write, problem solve, and review concepts from the previous levels.

level 3 online English curriculum content

Perfect for teachers, parents, schools, and online English lessons!

The BINGOBONGO Online English Curriculum is an effective English course, complete with super-effective worksheets based on the BINGOBONGO FUN!book series. These worksheets combined with our easy-to-understand curriculum unit cards and additional teaching materials make it one of the best ESL EFL resources available. Each unit has a set of target vocabulary words including verbs, adjectives, and nouns, as well as grammar points and unit questions. Students can also practice vocabulary chants (mp3 and videos), and use their student profile cards to mark progress and master their unit goals.

And you get it all in one easy downloadable file after purchase. Just print the unit cards for each student every month, print out the worksheets to use in class or as homework, print and laminate the flashcards for the unit vocabulary, and you’re done! You’ll be amazed when you realize you can get your lesson prep time down to 5 minutes!

Online teachers also love the simplicity of the materials which can be used to create exciting lessons using a variety of multimedia resources.

Here’s What’s in Level 3 of the BINGOBONGO Downloadable Curriculum

The BINGOBONGO Downloadable ESL/EFL Curriculum Level 3 pack has tons of worksheets, flashcards, MP3s, videos, curriculum unit cards, and profile cards. Keep reading to find out more about each highly effective teaching resource backed by years of experience in the classroom.

There are over 200 colorful, effective worksheets for reading, writing, speaking, and listening!

level 3 online English worksheets banner 1

BINGOBONGO Worksheets aren’t just for homework, they’re great as lesson activities, too!

When you purchase this level of the downloadable curriculum, you get the 200 pages from our textbook, FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast Into the Past.  While many textbooks and course books are fun for younger kids, many teachers struggle to find appropriate level materials for their students as they progress. If you’re having difficulty finding a good course for your intermediate students, then level of the curriculum is perfect for you.

level 3 English lesson plan pack curriculum cards

Over 400 high-quality flashcards included!

level 3 English flashcards for online lessons

Whatever you teach, you’ll have the perfect flashcards at your fingertips.

BINGOBONGO Flashcards are the perfect size! They’re double sided and their compact size allows you to easily use them for games and activities in class. Plus, you can hang them on the wall or white board for easy access.

All flashcards packs also have a single-sided version for teachers who prefer using tablets or screens to display flashcards. Of course these are great for using in online English lessons, too!

Downloadable Curriculum Level 3 Flashcards

Need groovy MP3s and cute videos to practice and review the vocab and stories?
We’ve got those, too!

Level 3 50 Videos and MP3s

Your English lessons will have the perfect balance of verbal communication activities combined with flashcards, worksheets, chants, and songs. In addition, nearly all the MP3s and videos are on our YouTube channel, so your students can practice and review at home as well!

Curriculum Unit Cards and Student Profile Cards are Massive Time Savers!

level 3 ask cards and curriculum cards

Our Curriculum Unit Cards and Student Profile Cards not only make lessons fun, but they’re the ultimate time savers! When using these resources from the Downloadable EFL/ESL Curriculum, teachers, students, and parents can immediately see the content covered in class. It’s so easy to see the progress made by students throughout the year. Once you try the Curriculum Unit Cards and Student Profile Cards, you’ll wish you had them all along.

ask cards in level 3

Don’t Forget the GAMES!!

level 3 games bingo 1

We’re pretty sure that it’s a universal fact of life… kids love games! So as an added bonus, we’ve also included a variety of games, BINGO cards, and word search worksheets that will make any English lesson a huge hit. We’ve included BINGO Cards, Snake Race Game Cards, and Word Search Worksheets for the topics food and Easter. You can get even more of these worksheets for other units at

Just to recap, here’s what’s in the Downloadable ESL EFL Curriculum Level 3:

  • Over 200 super-effective BINGOBONGO worksheets to use in class or as homework

  • More than 400 flashcards of verbs, adjectives, sight words, unit vocabulary, and more!

  • 50 MP3 and videos of practice chants for verbs, nouns, and adjectives. Copy Chat and Story Time videos are also included.

  • 10 Curriculum Unit Cards (to easily show teachers, parents, and students the curriculum) Huge Time Saver!

  • Student Profile Cards in various levels. Great to use for a whole year!

  • BONUS:  BINGO Cards, Word Search Worksheets, and Games

Start saving time and money with Level 3 of the BINGOBONGO Downloadable ESL EFL Curriculum!

The BINGOBONGO Downloadable ESL EFL Curriculum was created to save you time and give you an effective curriculum that teachers, students and parents love. It has tons of new materials plus review materials from previous levels of the Downloadable Curriculum. There’s more than enough content in Level 3 to teach intermediate to advanced students for over one year (based on students who study English once per week.)

After you purchase this downloadable, printable pack, you get everything listed above in a single zip file, ready to go. Just download, print, and you’re ready to have great lessons right out of the “digital box.” Purchasing all of the contents together in this package will save you over 50% off the price of purchasing the worksheet packs individually. Plus, think about how much time it will save just having the perfect English course at your fingertips.

There is no limit to the number of times teachers or education institutions can use these worksheets. (Please note the different license options when adding the product to your cart.) If you’d like to know how we would recommend using the BINGOBONGO Downloadable EFL/ESL Curriculum in your English program, feel free to contact us to hear our solutions.

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