How to play Battle Eggs, the super EFL/ESL Card Game

Before you play, make sure to have Pet Decks and Battle Decks

Before you play, make sure to have 1 Pet Deck per player and 1 Battle Deck to play Battle Eggs, the super EFL/ESL Card Game.

The rules for Battle Eggs are written below, and there’s also a video with the rules of how to play Battle Eggs!

Rules for a regulation Pet Deck:

Players can collect their own Pet Cards and build custom Pet Decks as they like. A valid Pet Deck must have:

  • 15 Pet Cards
  • At least 1 Pet Card from each of the 10 colors
  • No more than 2 Pet Cards of any one color
  • No duplicate Pet Cards

Before starting the game

1. Before starting, players shuffle and put their Pet Decks facedown in front of them. Next, shuffle and put the community Battle Deck facedown in the middle of the table.

2. Decide a time limit for the game (or decide to play until the Battle Deck runs out). Also decide a target phrase used for the word challenge. Depending on the level of players and knowledge of the vocabulary words, we recommend the following:

  • What’s this? (What’s this word?) – (Remember to cover and hide the word.)
  • Can you read this? (Please read this word.) – (Remember to cover and hide the picture.)
  • How do you spell ~? (Please spell this word.) – (Remember to cover and hide the word.)

3. Each player draws a Pet Card to decide who is Player 1. The Pet Card with the highest PPP goes first. Discard those Pet Cards and start the game.

Taking turns doing a “Word Challenge”

Player 1 draws a Battle Card. If it’s a Vocab Card, Player 1 asks the decided question about the card to the player on their left (Player 2). If Player 2 can answer the question, Player 1 gives Player 2 the Vocab Card, and the turn is finished. If Player 2 can’t answer the question, all players have a Pet Battle.

If player 1 draws a Battle Egg, then there is no question and all players have a Pet Battle.

How to have a Pet Battle

If a player can’t answer a vocab challenge question, then all players have a Pet Battle. Everyone draws a Pet Card from their deck. The Pet Card with the highest PPP wins, and the winner gets the vocab card.

If a player draws a Battle Egg, then all players have a Pet Battle, but the rules for the Pet Battle change based on each Battle Egg Card. The winner of the battle gets to keep the Battle Egg card.

Who is the winner of a Battle Eggs game?

Continue playing until all Battle Deck cards are gone or a time limit is reached. All players add up their points on their cards from the Battle Deck. Whoever has the most points wins.


1. If there is a tie for the winner during a Pet Battle, then the players with the cards that tie can draw new Pet Cards to determine the winner.

2. Pet Cards must be discarded after they are used. If a player uses all the cards in a Pet Deck, shuffle and reuse.

There are many ways to play Battle Eggs!

Battle Eggs is a super EFL/ESL Card Game that simple and fun to play. For younger students or when playing for the first time, we recommend ignoring the PPP modifiers found on Battle Egg Cards.
super EFL ESL Card Game ppp modifiers

And there are even more ways to play Battle Eggs!

You’ll quickly see that Battle Eggs is a versatile game that keeps students motivated and ready to learn!

Pet Cards and Battle Cards are loaded with valuable vocabulary, grammar, and numbers. That’s why we’re constantly thinking of new variations to let teachers and students get the most out of the game. Take a look at our Battle Eggs Game Variations page to see some other fun ways to play. Of course, you can always make up your own, too. Just be sure to let us know if you find a great new way to play.

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