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BINGOBONGO Rock Vol. 2 – Full Album CD


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Get the CD with full-color, illustrated lyric booklet for all the songs from BINGOBONGO Rock Vol. 2 to use in the classroom, at home, or anytime you want to rock in English!
17 original songs!

We also have the album in MP3 format!

Out of stock


BINGOBONGO Rock Vol. 2 – Full Album CD

If you thought BINGOBONGO Rock Vol. 1 was good, wait until you hear BINGOBONGO Rock Vol. 2. This CD is full of great ESL songs to teach English to kids through music. It’s one of the best teaching resources we’ve ever used in our classrooms simply because kids love these songs. “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and MOO!,” “33 Things I Like To Think About,” and “Can I Go To The Bathroom?” are just a few of the songs that illustrate how effective music can be to motivate young English learners.

Like BINGOBONGO Rock Vol. 1, these songs target specific grammar points and teach various essential expressions with catchy melodies. Many of the songs start slow and build speed to crank up the challenging fun. At any age or any level, these songs will be your go-to ESL teaching resource. Don’t forget to check out our free flashcards and worksheets to complete the learning experience and supercharge your lessons.

1. Intro

2. Head Shoulders Knees And MOO!

3. Can You Fly Little Butterfly?

4. Walk All Day

5. Five Cats (1 2 3 4 5)

6. Panda Bear Panda Bear

7. Hands Hands

8. 33 Things I Like To Think About

9. Can I Go To The Bathroom?

10. Students Did You Do Your Homework?

11. How Many Monkeys?

12. Colors And Colors

13. What Can You Do?

14. I’m So Hungry

15. At 6:00 I Get Up

16. Seven Days In A Week (Simple Version)

17. Happy Halloween

18. May I Go To The Bathroom?

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