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Getting up at 6:00 is hard, but learning how to talk about a student’s daily routine is easy with our single, At 6:00 I Get Up. This song will help ESL students master verbs associated with daily life and teach how to tell time. It’s a rockin’ song that students will be singing all day long!

Track: 15
Target Vocab: Daily routine verbs, school life, time, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

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BINGOBONGO Rock Song: At 6:00 I Get Up

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This BINGOBONGO song, At 6:00 I Get Up, teaches kids how to tell time and talk about popular things that students around the world do every day. Not everything is fun in our daily routines, so kids will also learn how to differentiate between the things they have to do and the things they want to do.


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Song Lyrics

At 6:00 I Get Up

At 6:00 I get up
I have to get up today
At 7:10 I go to school
I have to go to school today
At 12:20 I eat lunch
I want to eat lunch every day
At 4:30 I play games
I want to play games every day
At 8:40 I do my homework
(Do your homework) OK Mom
At 9:50 I go to bed
(Go to bed) OK Mom
(Go to bed) OK Mom, I know
I’m going to bed

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